Valhalla Forever farming 36-9 and 10-10

OK, we have a New Event!


Midgard Gnome: (after I found my 15th Gnome I got a message that the rest of them had gone into hiding so I think that 15 a day is the limit)


More Gnomes:


Why 36-9?
I decided to farm this stage because it gives both Gold Wisps and Gullinburstis for missions.
You want to see a lot of this:


What can the Gnomes drop?


500K food
250K food
100K food
50K food
500K iron
250K iron
100K iron
50K iron
3, 5 or 10 emblems
10, 15 or 20 Valhalla Coins
5, 10,15 or 20 dragon bones
5, 10,15 or 20 orichalcum nuggets
5, 10,15 or 20 meteor fragments

Unlike Atlantis Rising, there is not the 50% bonus item drop or increased recruits:

As you can see I am averaging one Gnome every three runs.

So, who is better?

The Orichalcum Seadragon in Atlantis Rising or the Midgarn Gnome in Valhalla Forever?

Even though I love the Orichalcum Seadragon I have to admit the Gnome is way better, the fact it can drop 10 nuggets or 100K food or iron just can’t be matched by the poor Seadragon.
Atlantis Rising will still be a better event because of the 50% increased loot I think.
On the other hand AR is much shorter.
But both Events will certainly have their fans.
Looking purely at coins, most of the players are certainly looking for Season 3 heroes rather than Season 2 but there might still be exceptions.
Like myself.
There is no hero I want more than Tarlak, he is evading me. I would give any of my Season 3 heroes for him.



Great share @Pois1… I farm 34-3N for getting more Gold Wisps, and ignoring Gullin avatar (as it can be reach raid/tournament later on).
I’m lvl 74, have 54 WE, I think I already try around 5x times, not yet refill WE, and no Gnome.
I will update later, to compare with your 36-9N, it is random though, so just share.

I have some of refill Energy consumed, 54x run, all are 34-3N, but one rest of my 5we goes to 25-10.

No # Run Qty Reward Stage
1 14 10 Orichalum 34-3
2 18 50k Food 34-3
3 19 10 Druid 34-3
4 28 3 Wizard 34-3
5 29 3 Barbarian 34-3
6 31 5 Sorcerer 34-3
7 34 10 Coins 34-3
8 40 5 Meteor 34-3
9 41 5 Coins 34-3
10 44 10 Meteor 34-3
11 49 5 Orichalum 34-3
12 54 10 Coins 25-10

I think I would stop using Flask, the rest should go for AR.


Hi @jinbatsu ,

I have to say I am very surprised with the Gnome drop chance.
To find 14 of them in just 36 runs is incredible.
Lots of players are complaining the chance is too low so I guess I am just lucky.
I also already found 50 Valhalla Coins.
In total, I am quite happy with todays haul so far.
I will continue to farm this stage even though it is quite hard even on normal. Gullinbursti is a beast.


I used 3 loot tickets and got 10 coins and 10 dragon bones, so likely two gnomes. This was on 36-9, but I also got a gnome on Midgard Morass-4 (100k iron)


It’s all about luck. I’ve only encountered 1 Gnome after 30 runs. At this rate, just need to do 600 runs to get the 20 daily Gnomes! It also seems the hero summons are worse than normal for Valhalla this time around.


I did three summons for coins and got Gefjon in second. Maybe it is my lucky EP day today.


I ran loot tickets on 25-1 for the lava bomblets. Got 20 Orichalcum nuggets. I was super pleased!!


Oh, cool! Didn’t realize that.


Hold on… defeating Gulli in raids counts towards the mission!?

That’s awesome. Shame I never see the S2 Gaderius, even in no-red tournaments.


Oh, you got 10 emblems, that’s nice.

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Thank you @Pois1 for sharing this :slightly_smiling_face:
…AND for everything you do for the E&P community✨

If there’s ever a chance, …you’re first on my list to gift one of my dupe Tarlaks! :medal_sports::gift:



From next month the duration of Valhalla Forever will be reduced to 60 hours, which is the same length as Atlantis rises

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Why are they reducing mediocre event, that actually provides something to players while legends run for 4 days smh

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