Using different color heroes to level up after special skill maxed?

Once a hero’s special skill is maxed, is there any advantage to stick with same color hero’s to level them up? Or any disadvantage to using different-color hero’s?

I’m in a situation where my red Gormek is stuck until I can ascend him, and for various reasons, I have a ton of 1* and 2* reds waiting to be fed to him. When I say a ton, I mean over 30. It’s starting to fill up my hero roster.

At the same time, I have a Sonya and Rigard who need leveling up to get stronger, but have both maxed out their special skill. If I fed a few of the reds to Sonya and Rigard, are there any disadvantages that could happen by mixing the colors?

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You get 20% more experience and double the % to level up special skill (per hero used) if you level your heroes with the matching color. If you are waiting on ascension materials for Gormek I wouldn’t hold onto too many reds if I’ve got other heroes to level. You can always train more later.


Thanks for the reply! It worked great. I see what you mean though, about different colors not providing as much experience. It definitely took more reds to get Sonya up a level than it would have if I had been using blue heroes.

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If you don’t have that color hero to level up, then spend those heroes on another color. If the hero is 4 or 5*. Don’t use wrong color heroes to level 3* heroes, you will most likely hit the level cap before reaching 8/8 special and then you need to spend heroes just to level the special.

Using same color hero for leveling doubles the special level up and gives 25% more XP so in order to make sure a 3* gets as high as possible on special skill, just use same color/same hero.


Relation in chance to improve specials is as clear as it is about maxed effect for xp using matching colors. But there are reasons to use different colors, reasons like opener told.
Here’s what i so, if there is no priority in leveling a single hero of one color:
Use cheapest and fastest way to train 1* and 2* heroes.
Collect and save 2* heroes for those heroes that need to be finished and that haven’t maxed their special.
Use all 1* heroes to maximise the level of a hero that already got 8/8 at his/her special.

At the moment i do it that way with Dorn at 3rd tier.
Often i’m missing backpacks to train ice-heroes all the time. So one camp trains ice, 2nd and sometimes 3rd train random heroes (2 hour training).
In 24 hours - needed to train 3* heroes of a certain color - you’ll get 12 1* and 2* heroes which means more xp per time … always keep in mind: If special is maxed, there is only one thing to do: Let the hero grow!


I do something similar. Same color until special t 8/8, then feed the rainbow. Still wish it were faster

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