Leveling: what's best strategy, on-color rainbow or one hero focus?

So I’m a restless, impatient personality type and have been leveling most of my heroes 1-2 at a time (switching the 1* to second when they’re no longer good enough for first bloke).

I now have five projects that are not urgent but have to get done - all healers for war depth and already at various stages.

Should I continue the above strategy or move to colour feeding? What do you do?


I color feed through a rotation of my teams and only really deviate if I’ve got a new hero I want to replace someone with. It’s slower but also means I don’t neglect any of my backups.



Any advice on this?

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Color specific is always faster (20%) over the long run. You will be able to train roughly 6 heroes to max level using this strategy, vs the 5 that you would be able to train leveling 1 up at a time. I would suggest using color specific feeding strategy unless you get an awesome hero that you will immediately use over any of your heroes the majority of the time.


What I’ve learned (and practiced) about leveling can be found on the Leveling page of the wiki (I wrote it). :slight_smile:

@Aviendha I do the same thing (on-color feeding of 1 hero of each color at a time), but man… it sure takes patience to see those war teams grow. I logically know that it’s best, but… phew. Hard to wait it out in practice!


Yeah that’s the thing… I’ve left these healers repeatedly for awesome heroes. Have maxed Kunchen, Hel, GM, Poseidon and Elk (ok not awesome but I had one green 5* and 11 tonics at the time…).

Now I’m itching to start Seshat, Tarlak and Athena but I HAVE to get Kiril, Sabina and Melendor maxed and Viv and Anzogh to 3.70. I’m sorely lacking healers for war and must force myself to do this. I just want it to be over ;(, asap.

But long story short - you’re saying it’ll be quicker to do them simultaneously then?


Super, thanks! Will check it out :).

off-color feeding is a waste - waste of recruits and mats, waste of food, waste of time.


True to some extent, but still: food and recruits replenish. Time does not. If you want a particular hero done in less time, there is room to argue off colour feeding makes sense :>.


and how does replenishing work? over time!
sure, it makes sense if you want to power level your new shiny 5* in an hour. doesnt mean it is not a waste.

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It depends on how you level heroes and your hero bench depth.

How many maxed 4s and 5s heroes do you have? Also, how many maxed 3s do you have?
If you have around 20 (4s and 5s) in total then probably you can probably do color match feeding.

I advocate for power feeding to have 1 new maxed hero at a time. 1 usable hero is better than 5 not very usable heroes. People argue long term efficiency but by forgoing the war goals that is right in front of you is not right in my opinion. Every flag in war counts (having an extra effective team means alot more to me)
3s - max them out to 3/50
4s - level them to around 4/30 before you start color feeding them and power feed another
5s - similar to 4s


Ok - it depends on what you value the most then. For me, it was never any question doing off colour leveling up until now. I needed to kickstart my roster for every aspect. But now, I’m open to reconsider - time being a lesser factor.

This is very much how I’ve been reasoning and working up until now. I have close to six maxed 5s (one is 4.50) and some at 3.70 and 2.60, 10 maxed 4s with another 10 in various stages.

No maxed 3s - I ate them early on (before maxed) and once I found this forum and learned how the game is best played I was so far ahead with the others I just decided to wait with 3s. Have saved 12-15 now and will do them… eventually. In case I don’t eat them again…

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Just keep 2x 3s of each color for events and tournaments. I used to eat all of them until the new emblem challenges came and it’s pretty easy to max them.


imo better do *5 x 1 for each color which is for aw/raid defense purpose
then do *4 x 5 for each color and totally you will have 30 maxed hero , its mandatory for AW Offense
after that you can do single feeding to any *5 you had , no need to do colour feeding anymore for fast leveling.

for Feeder , if you are C2P , spare 3000 Gem to reset WE every month for Atlantis Rise and do Auto-Farm at S2-1-2-N , you will get around 1000 backpacks , use 3 of your TC to train each 333 ( a Week ) , with 1000 backpack and any feeder you get in week you should able to max 2 *5. i just done with my Tarlak last week and do-ing Seshat right now (4-44) , food is bottleneck

for *3 , after *5 reach 4-50 , i gave *2 feeder to *5 and *1 feeder to *3 , 4-50 are too expensive for *1 feeder , that could be your point to save food and feed *3 in same time


Off color only a single feeder to reach a full level or if all other heroes are maxed.

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It really does depend what stage of the game you are at.

For so long I would religiously colour feed and have one project of each colour on the go all the time. It worked really well for me and I now have 6 decent war teams. I fed ten at a time until the special was maxed, and then just fed on-colour as feeders arrived.

But now … I find myself with no COMPELLING blue, red or yellow projects ( either waiting on final ascension mats or no hero I really like)
So I am just sending all my greens to get Elkanen to 4.80, and every other feeder, of whatever colour, is going towards Seshat (who I was lucky to get with 3 EHT’s)

I never though I would be doing this earlier in the game, but here I am.
Just do what feels right at the time.


Just forbid yourself to do off color feeding. It’s reserved for those that doesn’t care about any hero at all except the next hotm which will have enough saved resources to be maxed day 1.

Think of it like this, if you only power level one hero at a time it would be like not leveling any hero at all for close to two months each year (some of it will be the right color after all) if you compare it to only color feeding.

If you need to strengthen a war team then start by raising your weakest ones until you don’t attack with level 1 4* heroes any longer, then level 5 at a time and max them out. I have 93 maxed out 3-5* heroes, will continue with this quite likely until I quit this game.


Lots of good advice, thanks all! I’m trying out colour feeding my five projects now. All apart from two already have specials maxed (the one furthest along is 4.31). Am doing two tc11, one tc1/2 and one tc19/1/2. Farming as soon as there are flags…

Tedious but will get me there. I’m still a believer in off colour feeding for quick results though; I’ve never maxed a HoTM in a couple of days but since I started playing in February I have maxed close to six 5s and ten 4s. Don’t think that’s too bad actually! But there’s a time for everything.


@Kitten, I on color feed pretty religiously. After their special is maxed I will concentrate on whatever hero will benefit me the most and give them all my feeders. I have a year of feeders in my TC11, plus I’ll run swords or backpacks as I restock. Otherwise I try to stick to on color feeding for 3* the most, as it’s quite likely to have them maxed without their special maxed. That’s not a big deal but I hate wasting extra feeders to finish leveling their specials.

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