Special skill

I get ulmer 3days ago.and I fed them 2 trainers blue hero 3* and like 20 heroes of 1* and 2* but the special skill doesn’t move ( except the ascension one)
Please advice how to do to get at least to 5/8 before his levelling is finished I’m almost level 20/2

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Each hero you feed him gives a cumulative % chance of improving your special. 1* different color = 1%, 1* same color =2%. 2* different color =2%, 2* same =4%. 3* different color = 3%, 3* same color =6%, and so on. Identical hero = 25%. So to guarantee an increase, use 4 Gunnars to level Gunnars, etc. Otherwise, save your fodder to feed in batches of 10 to maximize your chances.


You will be feeding many many heroes to Gunnar before he’s fully leveled. Your goal is to maximize the chance of getting his special maxed by then.

Simple rule 1: never use an off-color feeder
Simple rule 2: never use a Trainer hero
Ideal: Feed batches of 1* same-color heroes

Logic: each hero you use up in training adds experience and contributes to a chance to level up the special. There are a fixed number of experience points needed to max a hero. So your goal is to maximize the % special increase per experience point gained.

  • Matched hero is best overall (feed Gunnar to Gunnar). Think hard about throwing away a good rare+ hero, though.
  • 1* same-color heroes are best normal option
  • 2* same-color heroes are second
  • Then 1* off-color, followed by 2* off-color.
  • trainers are just horrible, giving huge experience but only normal odds of special increase

If all else fails, you can still throw feeders at a hero after it’s maxed level to max the special.

Note: this is really only an issue with 3* heroes. The odds of getting a 4* or 5* at max level without maxing the special are extremely low.


5/8 on 20/2 is good, really good.
I maxed some heroes with 4/8, so you can be happy of that.

Keep feeding same color heroes but not trainer (too much exp for same chance) and don’t bother to give him 10x every time.

You can give him even 1x each time, but it’s important only of the same color.

AFAIK once a hero is maxed (max ascension) you can keep feeding it heroes to get that special skill up. This does NOT work if he’s not max ascension.

It’s 2/8 but I hope to get 5/8. Thanks for the advice