Advice - Best way to advance Special and Costumes

I suspect like many I have been busy trying to level all my heroes. I advance one of each colour at a time and merely add whatever hero fodder I get as and when I either train them or obtain via farming.

I have never really paid much attention to the special though, as generally when I get to the end they have been maxed to level 8 by then. However I have now maxed a few of them, all three star heroes (but that’s inconsequential I guess) and three have not been maxed on the special.

So my question is, what is the best way to upgrade the special? Is it best to save a number of heroes of the same colour before pressing the button to increase chance of special advance (if so how many)? Is it best to level heroes individually, more chances to get the increase? What do you guys do?

I have Nashgar at level 7, which isnt too bad, but Valen is maxed on special level 3! And Melia is maxed on level 5! Its frustrating as I want to move on to leveling new heroes!

On a similar topic, again regarding levelling heroes with Costumes. Is there an optimum way to do this? I have heard it said that the costume upgrade is not as hero intensive as a normal levelling and you still have to max the special before the existing talents are moved across. But again is there a best way of doing this? Or is it all down to luck?

Advice please…

Grumpys Marauders

When it comes to three star heroes I find it’s almost impossible to get the special all the way up before I have fully ascended them. I typically will do same color heroes to give it the best chance and can often get close. Then once they are fully leveled I do a round or two of same color heroes to jump their special up the last level or two I need. But when I have wanted to quickly rush a 3* I just throw every other color into them, except their like colors which I hold onto. Once the hero is fully leveled I use the like colors to quickly boost their special. I’m not sure which method has been quicker.

It’s nice that the special skill percentage increases dramatically once the hero is fully leveled. Jumps from 2% to 10% with 1*'s and 4% to 20% with 2*'s as feeders.

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