Uraeus or Onatel. Help me out

OK, I think this is a very tricky question. I am going to promote Uraeus or Onatel.
The current meta with the heavy use of minions is making me want to go this route (that and I have the emblems to finish to node 20)


Onatel is always a solid choice and even at 3/70 I was able to ride in her back through the ninja tower. Absolutely could not have done it without her.
I can only get her to about node 10 with emblems

I do feel that Onatel is one of the most important heroes in the game…but does Uraeus win the day because of minions?

Something that you will need to consider is that Onatel is a great defensive flank but Uraeus is a good offensive flank. Onatel will suck the marrow from your attackers/opponents bones but Uraeus will commit pretty effective murder against your opponents on attack.

Someone else will make this clearer than I can. They are both nice heroes. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s tough to say which is better, both are rock solid. All depends on your roster and how you want to use them. Good news, you can’t go wrong choosing either.

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It is interesting to see how people think about this two hero. So, I create this poll for you.

  • Uraeus
  • Onatel

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I have both, I use both, both with emblems.
I only use them on offense.
Both are great in my opinion but onatel wins easy for me. Her mana steal is so helpful against every enemy in raids, war, most events and even on the map against hard bosses and she is with a huge gap the best hero in the last 20 levels of ninja tower, if you hate it now, with onatel you will finish pretty easy.
Also her element link is much better, she heals way more than Uraeus gives you with his minion.

Uraeus is definitely better against minion heavy teams, and in minion war, but against all other defenses and most other parts of the game he is just a sniper with average speed. Don’t get me wrong, a great sniper, but nothing you can’t compensate with other heroes.

If you have some other minion kill heroes (gormek costume, grimble, gobbler, skadi) I would go with onatel. If you don’t have any minion killer heroes it’s closer, maybe 50:50, but personally I would still max onatel first.


Depends on depth of your list, especially mana controllers

Onatel I would do if you don’t have many ascended fives and very few viable high level mana controllers

Uraeus is probably better if you have deeper list

He is a specialist, she is more a generalist and useful in more game modes


Depends on your game play and style. I run monoyellow in raids against Bera/Freya tanks, using Gazelle+7, Drake+19, Onatel+20 (all sword path), Rana+20 (all sword path) and Woolerton+18. Bera/Freya minions don’t matter much as they are not summoned 95% of my battles against those tanks. Still working on my Uraeus, currently at 4/41, and will be embleming him to +20 and will be joining my 2nd monoyellow sniper team for wars.

If you don’t run monoyellow, you may prioritize Uraeus since there are heroes other than purples that summon minions, i.e. Krampus, Mother North, Santa Claus, Delilah, etc. But Onatel is one solid hero.


My Onatel is 3.70 since so long ago about Jan 2020,… and she is already very very useful in Ninja Tower, she is sturdy, so she do not need darts… if we want her use for Ninja Tower for last level.
I also already have 6th darts, and have dillema with Onatel, compate with Sir Roostley (I have Killhare maxed), Mica (only have Onyx), and Neith all 3.70, Ureus is at 1.01, already have Poseidon and JoonC as sniper. And other yellow maxed: Malosi, Vivica and Delilah.
For me I think I would max Onatel, but after my Thorne maxed, I currently slow level progress right now to save ham, even I have bunch of feeders in my TC’s and still doing rainbow level.
So, it depend on the rosters.


I only have Uraeus, so can’t really say. I just wanted to pop in and say that I love your screen name @Taco_Overlord :grin:

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Uraues is good vs minions but my vote go to Onatel. She solid and be great at war even without emblem.

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Both are good for offense and depends on your playstyle.

If you would include either one in defense then Onatel would be the better choice.

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I don’t have Uraeus, but I have Onatel, as she was my first 5* hero. She’s been my main hero on both defense and offense up until recently. I personally like her, getting her to go off can suck sometimes, but once she goes off she’s great. She steals mama and self heals, even though it’s a small amount, it’s gotten me through some tough battles.

Thanks :pray:t2: to you all I have the same question so will level up Onatel.

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Thanks. I am a restaurant blogger and know where all the good tacos are. :wink:

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I’m glad I’m not the only one with dilemmas

Yeah, this is for my alt account. Onatel has been a staple of the primary account forever. Lots of tough decisions. For the primary account it will be Bai Yeong over Ureaus. Another tough decision I had to make

I won’t get involved in the discussion on your screen name, other than to say it could be misinterpreted - but I’m sure you know that! :upside_down_face:

I think those hero decisions aren’t too hard - most of the ones you are considering are good to great, so hard to get it totally wrong

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Something makes me think, that Minions will play a bigger role. Onatel lost somehow her potential to frighten me off a fight. (Only Kuchen and Onatel still make me consider spend another 2500 ham rather than fight. :rofl:

I still think Onatel is awesome! I have a maxxed out on the primary account

While Uraeus has only been out a short time I give little thought to defenses with him. Now defense with Onatel makes me stop and consider.

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