Onatel or malosi?

I have malosi ready to ascend at 3/70 (and 6 darts) but git lucky and drew Onatel from Atlantis.
Now which would suit my overall gameplay better?

MY defence (it holds 2,5-2,6k easily)

My yellows

I have more free barbarian emblems but i dont think it matters with malosi

Do you have a yellow mana troop to speed up Malosi?

Yeh its on screenshot i have 11 lv mana troop but malosi still do the job at 3.70(a bit squishy thou)

I would love to have onatel as well, but especially at offense malosi is very effective, to snipe low health heros or shutdown alot of key heros.

I may be biased, because I have him. But he is the most fun to use yellow hero i have.

A key piece insight is that, 3 yellow tiles + Malosi hit kills an emblemed Kunchen or if you are able to ghost 3 tiles. snipe each round.

Yeah i have jackal and malosi both charging in 6 tiles and i use malosi everyday in yellow stack.
Question is can Onatel add also some value or can she wait,or can she be a good tank instead sif?

I think SIF is a decent tank already.

Your fun factor will be higher with Malosi.

Also his crit elemental link is better suited for offense and titans.

Bonus his special shuts down the poison of the rare purple titan.

Yeah i think he will be more usefull for me overall (onatel is better hero but its hard to fit her in my rooster now) also i can strip barbarian emblems from frank and other mediocre 4s where for onatel i would need to strip proteus and kiril (not happening).Can emblem malosi +8 from a start

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Malosi is game changing.

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