Guvs Guide! - Destroying Recruits to Retrieve Food!

Guvs Guide Part 2 - Destroying Excess Recruits

Two major applications for this little trick:

  1. retrieving food back from Training Camps (e.g. TC11 or TC20

  2. general excess recruits.

What you’ll need:

  • Advanced House
  • Free Builder

How to do it:

Followup thought

Thought a bit more after this video. You can use this trick with TC20. To do it:

  1. put recruits into storage (TC11 is most common) until you have 100 spare recruit spots

  2. remove 1x from TC20 que

  3. do Advanced House Conversion (destroys most recruits)

  4. remove more recruits from TC11

  5. repeat advanced house conversion

  6. repeat back to step 1

Little more convaluted but it works :slight_smile:


Here’s another nifty trick to recruits, STOP SAVING THEM :sweat_smile: seriously. I stopped saving recruits somewhere between 55k-60k after realizing how much ham I had tied up on my main TC11. I haven’t saved any recruits since last year and I still have thousands to go.

Save a few thousandth on a TC11 for later use then just leave your queue maxed and stop saving them. Truth is you won’t need a huge inventory since you’ll basically be restocking them again everytime you retrieve ham from your “ham banks”. Then you’ll go right back to reusing those same recruits when storing ham again.

Surely you have much better uses for all that food than storing endless supplies of recruits…


The point is you can use TC11 as a ham store with this.


Yes. There are better uses lol. Hence the guide haha.

This is more for those people who (like me) had built up the storage of recruits thinking that maybe, one day, there would be some use for the stockpile… But there isn’t / hasn’t been.

So it’s a way of undoing that…

Given you still have “thousands to go” maybe the trick will be of some use. Or maybe not. I won’t judge either way.


Blasphemy!! :scream: Oh the horror of the video for a lowly player like me who is forever chasing recruits and food. :sob::sob:

That’s also probably how some people feel when I feed 3* trainer heroes as off colors :joy: I guess we all value different aspects of the game depending on where we are in our gameplay and our game goals. It’s definitely a nifty trick with the house :slight_smile:


More coming up:

I have 29,634 trainings going on in TC11
I have 109 in other TC11 (55 already trained)
I have 360 in TC2 (1615 already trained)
I have 73 in TC20 (7 already trained)

That is over 68,000 recruits in action!

since the second ever Atlantis Rises, my TC2 has not stop running, at almost all times I have enough heroes to train any 5 from 1/1 to 4/80.

And I think this applies for many many players.


I’m in the minority :tired_face: But I don’t think so. It is probably true for a certain set of players. But also not true for many many players :woman_shrugging:t2:


True for most players who’ve been at it for 3 years.

This is essentially why I started slowing down on using my energies. I still farm but not as much as I used to – really I only go crazy during AR as that keeps my camps going for a month.


Let’s say a relatively new player is at level 40 with 36 world energy.
You can do 12 runs in 9-9 during Atlantis Rises which would give you 198 recruits.
That is one full energy.
What is going to stop you to do that like 10 times?
That is 2000 recruits right there for nothing. Not even using flasks or gems to refill WE.

During AR I do regularly 9-9 like 300-500 times. That is like 6500 recruits. Easy.


I started to have overflow of recruits when I got to A.House lvl 9. Adding recruits to raid helped a lot back then too. And then AR was introduced which was a recruit :boom: .

I stopped picking up recruits from A.House for some time, but I am collecting recruits at full speed now as I plan to create troops at HA - and you can burn up to 247 recruits/day (at most). So I’ll be trading iron for food by freeing my TC11/20 rather than by destroying recruits.


Definitely a late game hack. I never have too many recruits. I’ll check back in a year or so Guv. :rofl::rofl:


Destroying Food to retrieve recruits

This should also work for Advanced Food Storage if you want the recruits but not the food.

For example needing recruits for Hero Academy.

SGG if you did not want us to use camps as recruits/ food hoards, you really should have stuck with House 21- 25, and Food Storage 21- 25, instead of trying to get fancy with Advanced House and Advanced Food Storage.


Gryph, did you change your avatar? Looks different.

Also, if it works for Recruits and Food, I would venture to say it would also work for Iron. You are up to max iron, no projects nearing completion, don’t want to waste any more iron crafting things you might not need or have short supply of ingredients to spend (ex. crafting some Dragon Attacks that takes up a larger chunk of Iron as opposed to a Bear Banner, but would take Dragon Bones, which you are also sharing with Time Stop crafting), convert the Advanced Iron Storage back to Iron Storage and back, then bam! Extra Iron space you can collect from the Mines / Watch Towers.

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Oh, the irony

This is brilliant.


Wait a minute… Watchtower!

This solves my dilemna


I got a cup of drinking chocolate

( The TGW Coffee Cup Party (Not exclusive) ☕ )

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The thought of destroying food and iron makes me sad :frowning: I end up crafting so many small battle items and embleming heroes gets so pricey that I honestly just want more all the time


I don’t see the need to destroy recruits. But I’ve kept my houses full and not collected from my advanced house for a month or two, as I just have too many of them to ever use, and they are tying up ham in TC11 that I might well be able to use.

I figure that once I get back down to 10k trainings pending in TC11, I might just try to hold them there.

OTOH, a long time ago I crafted 10k minor healing pots to use up common herbs and ham (ineffectively; I still have plenty!) and I’ve now got them down to 3k thanks to the alchemy lab. I figure when I get them down to match my regular healing pots (~2k), I’ll wait the 50 days for the alchemy lab to finish then pick another mode to use.


Naah think I was about 9 months in and got 2 tc11 a tc2 a tc20 running 24/7 due to atlantis it took time and effort to stock the extra backpacks from normal farming and get the We flasks from events. Did need a few atlantis to getting it running smoothly

If you’re low on ham, and need some right now, this is a way to get it. You’re passively doing the same thing by letting your houses sit full.

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Quite true. I’m not that low on ham these days. I have ham and finished heroes stored as I don’t feel really excited about the new 5* heroes I could finish … and am nearly out of 4* heroes to work on.


But for destroying food there is a much MUCH easier way: Just click on the reroll button for raids. This will destroy food, no need for a Building conversion!


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