Question regarding new buildings

My hunters lodge is at level 5 and is sitting on level 11 forge. I have not yet built hero academy wondering if it would be prudent to built my hero academy over my hunters lodge? Don’t really use the lodge much which is why it is still level 5, I build harpoons occasionally.

I converted a training camp to Hero Academy personally.

I mostly use HA for level 2 where I can store iron, and I really don’t need more than one TC20 running anymore.


Oh man! An iron bank. I never thought of that.
Just started the research-thanks!


That’s just what I did since I don’t use often my Hunter’s Lodge level 10. You need your HL to revert back to Forge and from there buildyour Hero Academy. All my Training Camps are working on TC20 (food and recruits bank), 2 TC11s (one with approx 1,500 “harvestable” feeders while the other is regularly harvested for leveling several heroes not immediately needed) and 1 TC2 functions (queued for over 46 days using backpacks obtained from AR). All my forges are at level 20 and I only need 1 for the regular battle items, 1 for my Barracks, 1 for my Alchemy Lab and 1 for my Hero Academy is being constructed, hitting level 9 in less than 10 hours and will be maxed by the end of the month, in case SG decides to “fix” HA.

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