Upgrading and defense choices

Hi everyone! I’m writing for some opinions on my heroes upgrade schedule choices and defense team/positions and feeding choices too

Right now my defense team is this:

Then I have these maxed heroes:

  • Bane
  • Graymane
  • Hawkmoon

I’m currently working on:

  • Hansel 2/28
  • Tiburtus 2/20
  • Boril 3/53 currently in defense team
  • Kailani 2/26
  • Mitsuko 2/1

The rest are all at 1/1 or a little more upgraded :

  • Obakan

  • n.2 Oberon 2/1 and 1/1

  • Chochin

  • Gill-ra

  • Prisca

  • Balthazar

  • Gan Ju

  • second Bane

  • second Kailani

  • n. 2 Ulmer 2/19 and 1/1

  • second Graymane

  • n. 2 Karil

  • Captain of Diamonds

  • Slittleskull 2/28

  • second and third Kashhrek

  • Melendor

  • n. 2 Isshtak

  • Carver

  • Brienne

  • n. 2 Colen 2/12 and 1/1

  • n. 2 Azar 2/1 and 1/1

  • n. 2 Namahage

  • Nashgar

I’m always feeding 10/10 heroes of the same color. I can’t ascend none of the defense team right now apart from Li Xiu that i’m not sure to spending ascending material on right now.

What are your suggestion on defense developing and positions?

Looking at my roster some suggestiong on the heroes to work on before?

Right now i’m keeping max 2 copies of every hero 3* or above (escluding Kashhrek that i have n. 3). Is better to keep them for now or i can start using some for levelling the others?

Thanks everyone for suggestions and sorry for the long post!

You may want to train up a few more rare heroes to participate in the upcoming Version 20 events, there are some that limit you to just 3 stars. I would at least work on Brienne and Gill-Ra, to at least have a rainbow team. Those 2 are some of the best rare heroes imo, that’s why I point those out.

For your epics, keep working on Hansel, Boril and Tiburtus, while you await the ascension items. Melendor is a good one to work on eventually, since you are limited on healers.

I would go ahead and ascend Li Xiu as well. You don’t really have any other Holy heroes, and she’ll be helping you while you’re waiting for more.

Thank you very much for the help! !

What you think of my defensive layout?

About feeding with the double/triple heroes?

Double stars could be fed away with no doubts.

3* only if you know, what your doing.

Keep at least 30 to 40 heroes of different colors and classes.

If it gets filled by 4*, 3* will become food. The ones you don’t use often and do it wisely.

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I would keep every 4 star and 5 star, duplicate or not, for now.

For 3 stars, I personally like to keep at least one of each, and I feed the rest away. Unless you really enjoy the Rare tier challenges, then you can feed most of your untrained duplicate 3 stars away

EDIT: also if you need more space, the hero roster expansion in the shop is very cheap. Starts at 50 gems, eventually costs 100 gems. I have used it numerous times and am at 112 hero slots. It’s worth it, gives you plenty of room to get more 1 and 2 star heroes to feed.

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I’d looks at possibly chanign your lineup. I would throw boril in the center with kunchen next to him. Boril with heals on either side of him can be pretty disgusting to deal with for a lot of players. gormek and li xiu one the ends will give them some more survivability to get their spcials off.

Hi everyone refreshing the topic for more questions. After 15 days the defense team is similar, with Mitsuko reaching 2/60 put her in instead of Gormek. Boril reached 3/60 waiting for ascension mats.

Decided to wait holy elemental summon and got lucky and pull Wu Kong. Then I decided to wait to ascend Li Xiu.

Right now I have Wu Kong at 3/53, Hansel at 3/57, Tiburtus reached 3/60 and got blessed with Sonya from TC13 and she is at 3/30 now.

The question is with these ascension mats:
2 compass
2 fine gloves
4 sturdy shield
6 orb
2 cape
1 hidden blade
0 trap tool

I can in a couple of days ascend 1 Holy and 1 Nature hero.

My idea is going with Wu Kong an Hansel but don’t know if they can be good for my defense too.

My situation right now is that i can’t go higher than 1400 trophies with this defence and maybe Li Xiu and Kashherek could be better defensive choices.

For conclusion I found to be more effective defending with Kunchen tank and not Boril.

What do you think?

Thanks for attention to the long post!