Upgrade Hunter's Lodge to Level 2 or Make More Harpoons?

I have enough iron to upgrade my Hunter’s Lodge. Would it be better to craft more Harpoons instead?

Or upgrade my food storage? or…

It’s all gonna get there. I sort of doubt you have enough titan parts to do much crafting. I personally have been focusing on the house.


How many others in your alliance can make Harpoons? I’m still the only one in my alliance that can so I’m holding off on stocking up on them and actually raising my iron storage levels in anticipation of being able to upgrade the stronghold, hence make the other buildings that are coming.

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There are five of us

I have my house, food storage, & HL @ Advanced 1. Iron @ Advanced 2. We’ve been doing 1 tier per Titan. (2 tiers on 1 Titan)

Well if y’all are going that route and collecting Titan parts, I’d make enough for each Titan to do my part but that’s it. If you drop all your iron on that you’ll never be able to do all the other stuff. Personally, although nice to have, I think putting them on the back burner for now (for all of you) is the best way to go. There’s so much more coming.

Not to mention these buildings all take so long to build/upgrade. That’s my main focus for now. Just an opinion though.

In my clan, we are only aiming at the second tier of titan part rewards. So I make two poons a day. That’s all. Some days I use my two if I hit the titan early. Others (like today) I don’t. So I don’t run out of poons. That’s what I do. It’s agreed upon in the alliance to only go for the first tier but not necessarily how many poons to make a day - we haven’t talked about that. this is just what I do.


I am upgrading to Level 4 ( Panacea). This seems equivalent to Forge level 17 ( 100% mana potions).

Titanium Shields and Panacea ( only requires 1*/ 2* titans parts ) can help against triple bosses from Seasonal/ Challenge/ Class quests. More emblems/ 3* ascension items/ 4* ascension items means defeating 7* rare titans which give emblems and the possibility of dropping all 4* ascension items ( Titan loot tier 9 ).

I prefer to work on permanent upgrades ( buildings / class nodes ) before consumable ( battle items).

Harpoons will be great for extra iron, if I ever have extra again. May have to run Atlantis Rising for iron now that Advanced House produces recruits.


That is VERY helpful @Gryphonknight. I try to play the game with a long view and it has always served me well. :heart:. I spent the iron on food storage before I read your post. In the olden days when my kingdom was young & I was younger, I went round food, iron, storage, forge research…Seems the same pattern will serve me well now!!! Content just having 2 builders busy :hugs:. :bouquet:

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