I'm not seeing a manual for crafting materials

Hi :grinning: I am super curious to learn more about this whole section thank you

What would you like to know?

Titan parts, as shown in your screen, are used to craft titan battle items such as harpoons and titanium shields in your Hunters Lodge. You can convert a building (generally a forge, but it can be other buildings) to the Hunters Lodge when you complete Stronghold 21. The parts drop from titans when someone in your alliance uses one or more harpoons.

The other items are obtained from the map, or from chests, and are used to craft items in your forges.

In order to craft any particular item, you have to have the appropriate building level, and then you have to pay the food cost to research the item. Once you’ve done that, each item will show what you need to craft it.

Here’s a thread showing where to get each item and what you can make with it


Okay! So keep upgrading my buildings and I’ll get more instructions? Hehe my best guess is I could build my own Titan lol

Are you looking for what you can build at each level and what ingredients are needed? Here ya go:


Amazing! Thank you for your help this is exactly what I meant

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