Upgrade G panther or Kageburado? I already have Khiona maxed out

I have enough items to upgrade 1 hero. It took me a long time to get them. Should I upgrade Kageburado or G Panther?

You should upgrade G. Panther. She’s more useful.

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There are many snipers. There’s only one dark -defense hero: Panther. Huge asset.


In the bunch of guin tank, panther will be more useful. U need to debuff guin purple buff and make her more vulnerable to purple tiles and only panther can do that.

I have panther and she is really helpful in diamond raid arena.

Once u have panther u won’t really worry about yellow tank (guin, delilah and vivica)

Ok great job game player

Kage hits so fast and hard, 6 tiles and he fires! I tag team with sartana

I wish I had your problem. I have kage and he’s my favorite hero. I also have victor and they make a terrific tag team. Kage is at 4-58 and victor is at 3-7. Still doing a lot of damage.

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