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Hi, it’s me again, and need advice on who to ascend for the last time, I have good heroes , but just don’t know who or where to place them, so here is am again… and here are my choices
G. Panther
Marie Therese´
White rabbit
Or wait for justice and/ or Rana
Or just wait till I can ascend 2 of each
Thanks all so much in advance for suggestions and advice in advance.

Hi, ok and thank you all for the advice, I really. Need and appreciate you all for taking time out to help … Thanks again

It really depends on your needs and what else you have. Without context, I’d say Panther, Rabbit and Jabber/ Ursena are the best choices to me, in that order.


Are you looking to strengthen your defense or your offense? Do you need a tank? Who do you have maxed now to use with this hero?


Hi, I need both def and offense stronger, I do have some rainbow teams maxed and just going down the line, the ones listed are up next to ascend, thanks for your help

Hi, I can only ascend 1 purple right now, so you think panther 1st? … And should I wait awhile for Grimble ? Thanks again

My recommendations:

For defense, Kage or Ursena (she is a monster tank)
For offense, Kage or Panther (Ursena also good)
For titans, probably Panther for elemental def down (for purples)

Grimble is currently too situational. He may become better if the number of minion making heroes goes up.

Justice only as a yellow tank. For yellows, Joon or Rabbit. Ranvir if no Wu Kong for titans. Inari is cool but I’d wait on her.

Good selection of heroes there.


Panther is awesome for titans and above average at everything. Shes one of my favorites for sure. If you need a tank, I’d go Ursena. I would leave Grimble until later on. He’s a tier below the other 3. There may develop a need for minion eaters more over time, but at the current moment, he’s nothing special. I’m pushing mine to 3-70 and he’ll sit there until I get more convincing evidence of a need.


Jabberwocky is currently the most efficient hero in the game. He is just as strong on offense as he is defense. Panther is a key hero, but she can serve you well at 3/70 until you get to 12* titans.

Of the yellows you have, Neith is the most flexible. Many like me really underestimated her when she first came out, but she has proven to be very solid. White Rabbit would be my second choice unless you had Joons costume.

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Thank you. For your help

Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help, I appreciate you all

For defense, I would ascend Ursena.

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What heroes do you already have maxed? & Where do your priorities mostly lie (titans, events, offensive raiding/war, war/regular defense)?

Without knowing the details, I can say:

For Purple:

It’s going to be between Kage, Ursena, Panther and Jabberwock. The others can definitely wait (unless you’re in desperate need of a healer, where Marie could be of some use, but I’d hope you have 4* heroes maxed for that); Grimble & Sargasso don’t even make the cut

  • Kageburado and Jabberwock are both all-around great heroes - being the two most versatile of the bunch due to their speeds, attack stats and hits. So if this is your first purple 5* going to 80, I’d be choosing one of these two (Kage more offensively and Jabberwock more defensively to help you choose)
  • Guardian Panther is one of the best purple heroes in the game, and creates such an amazing synergy when paired with other offensive purples (especially if they also hit 3, or have fast mana). So if you’ve already got at least one offensive purple to pair her with, maxing Panther could give you the most bang for your buck. She’s got an incredibly high attack stat, so great in a stack and vs yellow titans, not even including her elemental defense down (which also makes her great for those very same things). + She dispels, so great utility too. So again, if you already have a few purples maxed and your priorities lie more toward titans and offensive raiding, I’d go Panther
  • Ursena is a power-house in the defense department, being one of the best tanks currently in game, so if that’s where your priorities lie - she may be the right choice for you. She also shines vs holy titans if you need the extra survivability, and can be awesome to raid with if there’s two or more offensive yellows on a defense team. So if you’re running purple tanks in war and/or prefer defense over all else - go Ursena

For Yellow:

It’s going to be between Joon, White Rabbit and Inari. Some others are good, or have their place, but I wouldn’t consider maxing over any of these three. Ranvir isn’t enough of an upgrade to Wu, so unless you don’t even own Wu, not worth the extra mats. Neith has utility, but doesn’t shine nearly enough to make choosing her over the others worth it. & Musashi is a solid offensive hero with solid tile damage, but Joon, WR and Inari have him beat.

  • Joon is a perfect choice if you’ve already got a maxed Jackal to pair him with, as these two make a killer team. Also, since he’s a fast sniper, he’s going to be the most versatile of the bunch - as heroes like that always have a place. If this is your first yellow 5* going to 80, I’d probably go this way
  • White Rabbit is an important hero, as he’s one of only two heroes that lower defense in the holy element (the other being costumed Vivica, who’s incredibly hard to pull). This makes him an amazing hero to bring in vs all purple titans, and great in a yellow stack. & If you decide to max Joon first, maxing WR next paired with Joon and Jackal will be one of the best trios in the game [to use on offense]. As the utility of defense down works the same at 70 as it does at 80, I’d be making sure you have a purely offensive yellow 5* maxed first before going ahead with him (again, the most bang for your buck)
  • Inari is probably not the most popular choice to suggest to max [out of the options], but she’s so fun, I couldn’t help it. Especially if you can pair her with a blind hero + a taunt hero, you can have some amazingly entertaining battles ahead of you - as you become nearly invincible. + Her attack stat is the highest in yellow, meaning she’ll be one of the best heroes to bring vs purple titans for the extra tile damage. Although, if you have no other yellow 5* maxed, Inari should definitely wait - she’s 100% passive, meaning maxing her does nothing but add to her survivability. She’s more of a luxury hero; if you’re still building out your bench, she won’t be of as much use to you [at 80] as the two previously mentioned holy 5*, therefore I’d pick either Joon or WR before ever maxing her.

Hi, and wow !! You gave me so much insight that will definitely help me decide on both purple and yellow, thank you so very much , I cannot express enough , thank you very very much !!!

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Hi , and yes I gonna go with panther , everyone has given so much great advice, I just very grateful for the help, and advice, thanks to all. !!!

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Ursena and Rabbit; then Panther and Kage and Jabber (heyzeuschreesto, your heroes are way better than mine) in purple, and Joon in yellow unless you pull better

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