Who should i waste my tonics on

I did my usual atlantis pulls today and got Margaret, this now leaves me with a bit of a dilema as to who to ascend to 80.
I have Kadilen, horghall and now margaret and would like a green 5 star to use on my defense team and all round use.
It will be my first green 5 to ascend and i appreciate that i could wait for another but i have been doing that for a few months and i am not getting anywhere.
I have 6 tonics and am looking to get some advice on ascending the right hero (i appreciate they are all a bit rubbish comapred to Lianna, zeline etc).
My defense team is a mixture of 4’s and 5’s and at present its Grimm, Wilbur, Onatel, Kadilen (at 70) and Proteus.
I am leaning towards Kadilen but just wanted some advice and to see if anyone had anything good to say about Margaret.

I wonder if Margaret is worth the tonics, I’m still not confident, I see several videos Kage attacking successfully, Margaret seems to be immune to Kage

I only played with Margaret for a short while in beta but I found her very difficult to use effectively with her special only lasting 3 turns, not to mention she (and surrounding friends) didn’t dodge much anyway. Great tile damage but that’s it far as I’m concerned. That’s a tough decision there bud. I know you don’t want to but I’d wait. If not then…well wait for better advice from others-I’d be leaning towards Kadilen too but I would get several more opinions b4 pulling the trigger.

Thanks Mojo, its tricky. Especially seeing as i have had Kadilen for months and keep dping summons but nothing comes!!

That’s a tough one but as long as it takes to get those tonics…Idk, I got lucky and pulled Lianna from my tc20 after pulling 2 Kadilens a while back and really glad I waited a couple more months. In the 14 months I’ve been playing I’ve only gotten 9 tonics though so I’d be super careful with them. Then again, many say to play with what you’ve got…I do not envy your position man lol!

Thanks for the advice mojo. I may give it another month…

after a good playing time, you learn that you can not spend item unfortunately with any hero.
for months leads, to win 6 items.
spending it with a hero like that can leave you frustrated later.
You have 3 heroes, but in my humble opinion, only one of them would be up if you had items for at least two of them, that is 12 tons.
I made a kadilen, for having enough tonic for 4 more heroes.

when you have at least one Liana, hero that comes in the CT, yes, there could be one of them.
but this is my opinion, you may think differently.
Maybe Margaret …

For defense Kadilen is the best of those three imo. At least she has fast mana, and the AI can’t really stuff up when using her special

The Ent is garbage for mine, and I haven’t seen Margaret in action yet, so hard to say. Kadilen is no pushover on defense and her special is actually pretty good

I take a different view on ascension, I’m here for fun. I use the heroes I’ve got. Recently ascended Leo and then pulled Guinevere very luckily , so have no darts left, but Leo is fun to use and Guinevere does her best work on defense, which you can’t see. One day I will be able to ascend her, and if that’s six months time, so be it

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