Upcoming Balance Changes to Telluria & Other Heroes

We will be making some balance changes to Telluria and other heroes, based on data and player feedback. These changes are scheduled to go live in the next update (V30) at the latest.

In balancing Heroes, our intention is to create unique and desirable but not overpowered Heroes. The goal is to make sure the overall balance of the game stays intact. Each new hero is carefully designed & tested by our team prior to gathering feedback in our Community Beta Program. Thanks to this approach and to our dedicated players, we have had very few cases where the hero balance would need to be changed after the hero has been released.

When introducing each new Hero, our aim is always to ensure it provides some utility in the game. In the case of Telluria, to finally provide a Nature “tank”.

Unfortunately, Telluria proved to be stronger than ever intended and we are now making further balance adjustments. This is due, in part, to the sheer amount of specific feedback and discussion Telluria has provoked.

We are always pleased to see so much constructive debate in our Community and know it is because you care about the game and its direction. That said, we understand that balance changes like this may be disappointing to some players, and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

Let us know your thoughts about this by joining the discussion here on our Community Forum.


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