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Hello all. So I would be interested if there are any resources out there for building more effective teams (especially in offense)? I use a rainbow defense typically and always put the helpers left of tank as much as possible. I never use rainbow for offense and almost always use a 3-2 stack. I do really well with that method actually, but in situations like wars and such it’s perhaps not always the best way to go but I always build as such. I try to use heroes that specifically counter others such as Finley and/or Snow White for Aegir etc…My roster is fairly deep so I would like to be able to get the most out of it. Are 2-2-1 or 4-1 stacks preferable at times? If I can’t stack for the tank in war I try to pick out the two most troublesome heroes and stack accordingly. @DoctorStrange I believe I maybe saw you discussing this issue in one or two threads where team building came up? Maybe rainbow offenses are better under certain circumstances? Anyway, just trying to get better at this game always (knowing full well that luck plays a part) and would be interested in any additional insights there are on this topic. I searched for similar threads but it seemed like most were specific to a particular hero roster whereas I am interested in a more general approach if one is out there. Thanks in advance!

I can’t tell about rainbow but I can assure you that my raids against Ursena tanks are all done by a 2-1-1-1 stack, with a winrate over 90%:

Evelyn - Gravemaker - Magni - Vivica - Lianna

for wars I try to counter foes’ specials, like putting both Magni + Rigard while against Kunchen + Gravemaker (for example).
I usually attack with 3-1-1 to exploit my lv 30 mana troops… speed matters :slight_smile:

The 3 heroes I stack have to be good to fire together like G. Falcon + Gormek + Khagan or Evelyn + Lianna + Gregorion
while the other two needs to counter the most troublesome opponents, like fielding Grazul against Onatel.


I look at enemy hp, mana speed, and skills and usually build to counter as much of those as possible. When putting a team together it our team power is within 100 points then I feel I can safely rainbow it if the tank isnt to deadly. Certain tanks though just have to much hp or skills that will make it really tough to rainbow against like guin, ursena, kunchen. If that happens then I will either go 2 2 1 or 2 1 1 1. Not a fan of limiting my amount of useful colors is the only reason I dont like to stack higher than that as more colors i have available the more options i have to turn things around during a bad board. Since I dont have the best hitters in the game i had to learn to play defensively with what I have.
Ursena i run hel an panther against with two other yellows. This allows me to strip her special if she gets it off and hel can freeze anyone around her even if she does until I can strip it.

Aegir I face with evelyn and another green.

Kunchen I usually attack with guin and another yellow. He is slow so I can look at the board early and decide whether I need to start preparing my healer early or have a chance to get him down.

With 2 2 1 I usually have 1 healer, a tank with some form of buff/debuff/ secondary heal. 2 hitters and a utility be it mana cut, mana freeze, silence, or a debuff. Using elemental down heros like evelyn, or jackal allows tour 2 stack tonhitnas hars as a 4 stack once the buff is applied and doesnt force you to limit your colors so to speak. I get a lot of satisfaction out of running rainbow, 2 2 1, and 2 1 1 1. However because of roster limitations I do occasionally have to go 3 2 especially against grave maker with the right flanks around him as per my roster he is still the most troublesome tank for me to face.

The more skills I am able to counter, speed matching of line ups , and knowing how much of a tp difference I can use certain stacks against will benefit you greatly In all aspects of the game allowing yourself to think outside the box and find some great synergies.

Always willing to help any player so if you have a line I.d. or need some info many of our allaince share videos and discuss why we are running certain heroes to counter others. With these emblems matches can change tide very quickly.

I only run mono or 4 1 against titans ever.


A topic that I always mention Ultimate Raid Strategy Tips for the Casual Player

Personally I prefer 3+2 agains defense teams. 3 stacked strong color against a tank and 2 agaist one of flank heroes. One healer of either color.

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This was super helpful, thanks Dr. Strange!


Hey dr strange, thanks for the info. I would be interested in seeing some of those alliance share videos if that’s cool. My line id is YokaiPanda. Really appreciate the feedback.

Anytime and no problem at all, if I can ensure someone else enjoys themselves as much as I do here then that’s all that matters.


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