Two queries - request everyone's inputs

  1. Which is better for Titan team - Elena or costume Elena?
  2. What is your recommendation for Red team against v Green Titans? Please share your opinion without saying that it depends on the roster :wink:

Thanks in advance

Lol … Then I have nothing to add. GL

  1. c.Elena, both have high attack but stronger riposte mihht add some more points to final result.

  2. Strong defence down (Saoirse/c.Santa)
    Elemental defence down (c.Marjana)
    Tile buffer (Zenobia)
    Atk/Crit up (Ares/BK) or hero with high attack (c.Elena)
    Main damage buffer (Miki/Gazelle)


Haha, my budget version is

Attack up (BT)
Defense down (Wilbur)
EDD (Falcon)
High attack (Elena)
Damage Buffer (Ranvir)


Very similar to mine except Scarlett for Elena and Wu for Ranvir. All 4* :man_shrugging: but it seems to work ok.


Mine is similar, I’m using Yang Mai instead of Elena and Bertulf instead of Ranvir. Since roster doesn’t matter for OP I wrote (what I think) is best possibke team.

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Serving for any titan color… (as a question for green, go for example of red heroes)
Attack increase… miki, gazelle, tarlak, bertulf, Ranvir, Wu Kong
Lower normal defense… Wilbur, Gormec (there’s more)
Lower elemental defense… C.Marjana, Falcão
Stone damage… 2 heroes with higher attack stats.
Personally, I have 2 heroes that I carry in all the titas, whatever the color (except the rare ones that reflect that color… They are… Miki and Franz.
Sorry if english is bad
Hope it helps… Good luck

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Thank you, all, for sharing.
I think I shall go with C Elena, since, apart from the points above, the costume version is Rogue & the dodge can be handy

  1. C. El

  2. Against green titan, I take:

  • Attack up & a Healer = Boldtusk
  • Elemental defence down = C. Marjana
  • Defence down & share damage = Wilbur
  • High tiles damager-1 = Elizabeth
  • High tiles damage - 2 = Gefjon or C. Colen depdninhg on my mood :wink: