Santa or costume Elena?

Thoughts on this? My roster

My roster is above.

Also who do you recommend to use for my blue titan team (green heroes)?


I would personally probably go Elena & her costume.

Main reason being that you get better AoE damage and you get really great tile damage for titans. PLUS the costume has the best Counter Attack % in the game which actually comes in handy on PvE.

For your blue Titan team (green heroes) I would go:
Wu Kong - Almur - Ratatoskr - Melendor - Lianna

If Ratatoskr is proving annoying in terms of getting his timing right/ costing too much in battle items, Little John would be the one I would sub in.


You have her costume, so it’s a vote for Elena from me.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I’d say C Elena unless you have good minion makers to pair Santa with ala Freya.