Two-part question emblem reset

After I max out Fenrir and reset sir Lancelot emblems should I give them to Fenrir or guardian panther?

Second question
I think I’m going to reset Leonidas emblems who would you recommend the emblems going to Joon ( he is a monk class without his costume) or Jabber?

Focus on heros in your war team

Personally I would emblem Jabber(reset Leo)
And Fenrir (IMO its not worth embleming Panther)

I’d take G.Panther to +7 to get the next talent.
Then put the rest on Fenrir.

I assume neither of the above two are on your defence team, so spreading the emblems out for attack will be beneficial.

Jabba may be on your defence team? and if he is, then load all the emblems on him.