Emblems : Fenrir or Guardian Panther?


I’m currently leveling Fenrir, and I’m wondering if this god-wolf can be an interesting part of my defensive team. For the moment, this team is :
Guardian Panther +18 - Queen of Hearts +20 - Guinevere +19 - Lady of the Lake +18 - Jabberwock +20
It works pretty well, holding me in Diamond easily, but why not Fenrir instead of Guardien Panther ? I mean, I could put Jabberwock in the left wing, and Fenrir on the right one as a finisher. Maybe this configuration can be more effective, if I give him emblems from Guardian Panther. What do you think about that ?

Panther is not great for defense but excellent for offense.

Only switch if you are not using Panther in attack. Otherwise stick with Panther.

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I use her in offense, yes, but my alliance is running with blue tanks, and the only other blue 5* I’ve maxed is Lord Loki. I thought I could use Fenrir for this purpose too, even though he is not really suitable for (it’s better than nothing, waiting for a nice blue tank). You can see I’m in a quite difficult situation. lol

I have both heroes, but I don’t think Fenrir deserves the emblem. I fought Fenrir several times on Raid. Fenrir+19 couldn’t even beat my offense team, 3/70 Freya (about 60~70% HP) .
This is natural given Fenrir’s skills, but it’s not a threat at all, as tank positions are most often fired at enemies with HP 50% or higher.
On the other hand, for me, Panther is one of the most important heroes in Titan, Raid, events, etc., so it has a +18 emblem. I have no plans to remove it.


I would just use Fenrir unemblemed if needed

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Thanks a lot for your advices, so I won’t emblem Fenrir right now, and leave them to Guardian Panther.

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