Troops question: what determines which tiles turn into which troops?

Hi all,

Recently I have encountered a situation where I got a few good heroes of the same colour but did not think ahead to train the troops. So I have one troop team which is quite good and then a lot of one star and two star troops. While testing the team made entirely of the same colour I have noticed that sometimes tiles turn into strong troops, sometimes into weak troops. The strong ones do more damage but I cannot find any correlation whatsoever on what determines which troops the tiles turn into. I did my best to search anything written on the topic but found nothing except the basic guides. Is it possible to control or predict which troops the tiles turn into when joined?
Any help on this topic will be greatly appreciated. And please feel free to correct me on anything.

I think it is only picture that you see. If you have multiple heroes of the same color than damage from tile of that color will combined from all heroes. Troops doesn’t deal damage, they increase hero stats.


There was a discussion on this the related to talents. It was stated which troop goes determines which talent can be triggered. so if you start stacking the same color ranger,wizard,barbarian and sorcerer, then in a 3 tile attack one talent can not be triggered.

Fair enough but I noticed that sometimes three troops of the same sort are converted and sometimes they are all different.
Whilst you say that troops do not deal damage, I saw that different hits of troops on target dealt different amounts of damage even though the targets were the same.

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I’ve noticed that the picture picked for the troop is random, but otherwise it doesn’t affect the damage or critical hit rate. Those numbers are added together with your heroes using those colors.

The troop that is “sent” to the enemy section is purely random and cosmetic for the purposes of damage dealt.


Here are some screenshots I took during the same battle. As you can see the heroes and the monsters are the same, however the damage is very different. I could not catch the moment tiles turned into troops but I can tell you that the ones that dealt 800+ were the four-star troops and where the damage is 400+ that is where two-star troops hit.

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I believe that the tiles that hit both enemies split their damage thats why u see the damage halved.


Interesting assumption! I will test this. Thank you.

Logical, as your first attack hits only 1 enemy while the second attack hits 2 enemies, dividing the damage among them.

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But aren’t you comparing a column match to a row match here? Results would be completely different would they not? I don’t see how comparing 2 dissimilar matches is at all conclusive.

I’ve been reading threads on various boards for hours and I still don’t have a strong understanding of how heroes / troops / gameplay all come together to determine damage and what heroes “benefit” from a hit when stacking.

Take this scenario - I have 2 dark heroes - one has a 3* troop and one a 1*
I make the “match” as shown - dead-center on the board, a “row” match. For argument’s sake let’s say the match was made by sliding the right-most purple tile UP from below (effectively keeping it neutral in relation to one player - Sesh).

What troops will get deployed? (3*, 1*, both in some combo?)
What hero will get mana?
I have been told that in terms of attack, crit, health, etc - that is “added” to the hero when the troop is assigned and the gameplay starts, which I understand, but which of the 2 heroes here will effectively be doing the hitting?

And does this change if the match moves all the way to the left or right?

In your example, both heroes get a mana boost of the amount of tiles played.

Also, as the troops effect the heroes, not the tiles, the shown picture of the troops doesn’t matter, its completely random. The total amout of attack stats + troops + buffs will be stacked and calculated for each tile.

Thank - that makes sense.

So in effect - the “values” of a troop only really matter when you select that troop for a given hero - the “stats” for the hero increase when paired - it has nothing to do with actual gameplay.

Right, the tile damage is similar, no matter if the game shows the 3* or 1* troop.

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So what if in my example the heroes were Proteus and someone like Layla - does that effect the potential value of each tile? Trying to understand how a heroes attack value comes into play in a stack.

Just the same here, take all attack stats of the same colour, add the troops, add the buffs and compare it with the total defence ( defence+troops+buffs) of your enemy and you have the damage per tile.

There are a couple of good threads about colour stacking and the total calculation of tile damage, just didn’t found them right now, maybe someone else could help to link them?

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