Trap Tools?

What are these and how can I get them? I need to level up my healer.

Random from elemental chests, titan battles, extra rarely from Mystic Vision, and occasionally from the rare Mordovia quest. You cannot farm them in any reliable way.

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Well that stinks. Now I have to just wait and hope I get the item I need. Is this fairly common?


The wait is incredibly common, the item is not.


Loorts :rofl:

I’ve been playing since late July and I’ve 3 trap tools in total, still yet to ascend any purple hero :scream_cat:

That’s the bad news. Good news is I had 9 magic orbs and 7 warm cloaks in this time (but only 4 shields and 4 hidden blades) so it’s really awfully random, but not like guaranteed 0.5 trap tool per month. You may get lucky.

Still. I do think it’s a “wee bit” slow :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel (note I did not say “know”) that the ascension items cycle. I have gotten plenty of trap tools in the past; enough to level Cyprian and have 4 more waiting for the next Purple 4*. Good luck!

Ascension tool required for dark Hero’s. You will be in need of them for any dark Hero’s to ascend them starting from level 4 Hero’s and upward.

sometimes youre offered the privilege of buying one when it’s included in a special offer

Or not, I have tried to purchase, used all ten tries and got nothing but wooden swords, backpacks, and sharpening stones :frowning: Won’t spend on that again.

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Not what I meant. Sometimes they will offer ascention materials for cash. There was recently a $19. 99 one that along with gems included a sturdy shield. Not a chance at a shield, an actual guaranteed shield. And of course 10 minutes after I bought it, I found one in the game after many weeks of trying.

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Ouch! I bet that hurt, Marlenus!

Glad you finally got your ascension item(s)! :wink:

I feel your pain Marlenus - after going months without a shield I did the same and and got another 5 in like a 3 week time frame. For me, these materials are cyclical. I’ve been getting gloves most recently. 3 in the last two weeks after none for 2 months.

IMO you can’t ever really have too many ascension items. Just keep accumulating them, you’ll need them eventually.

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Well, I’ve been trying for two months and STILL can’t get a trap tool! Why can’t they create one of the random quests they upload daily to be for ascension items?


Trap tools will come the latest with next event in exactly one week;)

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I hope so. I need to do some ascending! LOL

Is Morlovia the next one up? I’m dying for one more Tabbard.

I was referring to the event next thursday. Next rare quest is shiloh if Im not mistaken with Orb/Darts. But after that one its Morlavia I guess (Tabard/Tools)

I get more trap tools than anything!

Swap for some gloves?!