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How much ham does it take to get a 5* from 4-1 to 4-80? This is my first post but I’m frequently on the forums and couldn’t find that information. I would appreciate if a number cruncher or mod or regular could point me in the right direction.

Someone clever will have it tucked away

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It is variable though, depending on how many 2* to 1* you feed, trainer heroes and whether you feed the same element or a bit of everything

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Dunno if this has everything you’re looking for, but here’s what I found:

General rule of thumb, level your 5* with a mix of on-color heroes until 4/50, then feed only 2* since the 1* do NOT give you enough bang for your buck by then.


I have a tc 2 with like 100 complete trainings and a tc11 with like 300 complete trainings. I run 2 tc20’s because I am cyp. One of them I run day to day and the other one is like 30 days. In my calculations that is like give or take 4.5 million ham.

Thanks very much. Let me dive in

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Yep - it depends on if you want only the food cost to feed the hero (like say you’ll get all your feeders from the map, daily summons, etc.) or if you want to include the cost of training those feeders via your training camps.

To answer, someone would need to know that and exactly what your feeding plan will be (e.g., run 3x TC2 and give everything to the relevant hero, or do that but only feed it the two stars, etc.). I’m happy to try and crunch the numbers if you can lay out your specific plan!

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@IvyTheTerrible I want the specifics for 1* and 2* that I have been hoarding. Any color

Here is my lil chart

cum= Cumulative

NC = Non-color match

I made a spreadsheet for planning, including a chart where I fed the training camp population in and came up with my own rough estimates of probabilities, when I was planning for a Day 1 ascension of two Seshat. (only got 1)

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