Toxicandra or telluria for Tank?

I already have Telluria (+20) and now Toxicandra, wich one is better for tank?

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Telluria - do not have any of this two,but Toxicandra is same as kashrek,or boril can hit it until all heroes mana is full, efective tank must do dmg

Garnet and Heimdall would disagree.

But Tox doesn’t have what they do — overhealing.

So ultimately I agree that Tell is the better tank.


Also agree.

Tellu is still okay as a tank when tiles make it hard.

Toxicandras 24% heal ist enough to survive.
Manaboost is nice but doesnt help a lot.
Cleanse is useless for tanks. [Edit: cleanse can be quite useful against very fast attackers like gravemaker, clarissa]

Cleanse isn’t useless for tanks especially for green tank. Fast healer with Cleanse do pretty good job to counter Gravemaker.

However, I agree that Telluria is better anyway. Telluria isn’t the best tank for now but she is still in the top 10 best tank.


Well okay, i think i can not disagree with that argument. Post will be edited :wink:

Toxi could be a interesting tank if having Vela and Crystalis as flanks

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Telluria hands down toxicandra is an awesome hero but a healer all the same and only, Telluria has way better defense stats slows mana gives minions and heals sure she isn’t what she was before the nerf but she’s still a formidable tank, toxicandra is more flank material IMO

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Mitsuko loves that idea

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Telluria, no brainer.
Ignore all the silly crying here over all the nerfing.
Telluria is still more than solid tank.
Toxi aint.

Toxic is a fast Ariel. Now where would you usually put Ariel in defense? :thinking:

Well there’s your answer

I’d still go with telly in tank, for me an Ariel tank doesn’t cause me akot if issues most the time, flank I find her much more effective and toxicandra only heals half as much, just seems to dependant on her firing, one line of red with a stacked team she’s done for, telly has way better defense stats and can take alot more punishment especially being paladin I think toxicandra would make a much better flank if on defense but she seems more an offensive hero where telly is 9/10 times used solely for defense, guess it comes down to who you got and play style also synergy but if the raid formations get implemented like they were in global beta I think she’d make a good center in double or reverse…but in normal setup she’s a little squishy for tank material…but thats just my opinion

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That’s what I mean :wink:

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