Is Telluria still viable on offense? (post nerf)

Telluria is still viable as a Tank, even a very strong Tank. So far so good.

Is she viable for offense as healer/debuffer?

Delilah considered one of the best Healers in the game.
Telluria doesn’t heal that much, but has a nice debuff, and has higher stamina.

Would you still consider Telluria an above-average hero on offense?

Do you think it makes sense to a C2P+ player level a second Telluria? (assuming acquiring 5* is hard)


She’s still a good support on offense and if you don’t have any other options she’s a good choice if you also running her as a tank in your raid/war team.

However I don’t think I would ascend another
copy of her if I had one. Indeed I think costume melandor does almost the same for cheaper…


Tella had not seemed to me a good idea for an attack, but now in my opinion it is close to futility.

Before, she did everything a little and well, now the mountain gave birth to a mouse. a huge formidable Tella comes out, does little and weak, and dies


I think she’s still pretty good on offence actually. Not A+. Maybe A


I think she is slightly worse than C.Kiril now, because overall heal is comparable, but secondary effect is too situational and only for 2 turns.

So, for me she is A-/B+.


Slowing mana regen is generally useful no? Saved me a few times from being killed by Finley lol


Yes…she is.
I use her successfuly in my attack team,

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For 2 turns => requires timing. But healing requires timing also, and with another factors.
Slow mana regen for 24% is usable, but if enemy heroes is about to charge, such mana slow will not save you. Mist is better in that aspect.

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Ya I get your point, it won’t save you all the time. Not like before.

Yes, agree.
And another factor - heal and mana slow requires different timings. You need to slow mana after enemies fire their specials, and you need to heal before enemies fire specials in a second time.

Sometimes this timing be same, and sometimes you need heal and mana slow in different times.
But she is not VFast Grazul, she is average.

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It’s a good point. TBH I prefer to focus on the heal and just let the mana regen debuff do its thing. I can’t time the debuff that well so I primarily focus on the heal

If we discount mana gen debuff, she just become a 5* Hawkmoon (without costume), because she has 32%-33% overall healing post-nerf. Pre-nerf it was be 45% overall heal ( roughly same amount as Delilah).


That’s true, only thing she has going for her is that she can survive longer than Hawkmoon and Delilah (although Delilah has chance to resurrect lol)


Without emblems - maybe. But if we factor emblems, then I see them equal in offensive survivability.

Yes there is clearly a problem if we are comparing her to Hawkmoon :grinning: :joy:

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Agree :100: we’ve spend a lot to ascend and special talents. The degraded her far to much.

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She is still very viable but now I pair her with another healer on my attacks.

I think Telly is viable but I made additional preparations like embleming Brynhild more and leveling Rigard and Kiril costume. She can’t be the only team healer anymore. She never excelled in that tbh. Also the mana cut reduction for just two turns is not enough.

My hopes of making a Green Machine with only Telluria are dashed. I have to bring Melendor. Of course I could do it with neither Telluria nor Melendor. If I had Tarlak, I could run Evelyn and Tarlak! … if I had Evelyn.

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Two Brynhilds and a costumed Caedmon will see you right.

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