🧙‍♀️ Tower Of Magic guide

Thank you. However the obvious second question is: How are we gonna pass 75 floors with only 50/60 free available tower energy? Do we have to buy the rest in the form of Tower energy flasks or something?

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So many charts for this new event. Surely it is a new record?! :exploding_head:

Thank you so much @cap for all the work you have done for the community. I think I’d feel lost without your informative, organised, and attractive charts. :+1::+1:


The question was written several times in beta and no response. We don’t know what sgg decided: buying flask, giving us free flasks, extending the duration


Limiting our roster by classes… Complete bonkers.
I hope to finish 25 levels and that’s it.

Nothing is limited, just be ever vigilant to avoid curses.

@Annjul Maybe Tower of Magic will replace Ninja Tower for #1 least favourite event. :rofl:


The Magic Tower could make the chance higher on troop pulls. Like 10% chance for a mana troop and 5% for a critical troop for a total of 15% epic chance.


Oh thanks , didn’t think of that :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Too many times curses appear on cleared color or on edge. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid them unless you have 1k tornadoes to burn.

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Why do Cleric(Warrior of Divine Faith) counted as Mage class but not for Monk(The Way of the Open Palm) ? And why do Monk have “Withstand” talent but can’t withstand 2 magic curse ? :slightly_smiling_face:


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I suspect I’ll approach identically the same as NT now and thusly I’ll avoid the pain.

Slow playing this will feel like crawling through a barrel of glass though I reckon…and I ain’t doing that. So the forge is busy making the items that make this style of event passable

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can’t avoid curses… cause we be cursing all the way :joy:


I have a question.


Can this effect stack with 10% attack stack of Mirewave and Jarvur ?



And how many curse that Trainer Hero can withstand ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Sorry, I have not tried that in Beta, but I think I can not stack.
(Similarly neither the Tower heroes Family bonus)

So I think you can only make the +10 stack to be reached faster.
(I will try this in the eventÖ

I suspect only 1.

If they are not stack, then there will be a problem. The bless give +5% attack but their skill give +10% attack. Two different stack should be count in the same stack.

Me too since they have no class and not suppose to be mage class :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The stack attack blessing can give 5, or 10% attack / turn vs the 10% in the skill.

There was a time in the Slayers where the family bonus and the special skill gave different mana speed boost 5% vs 10%.
The result can be:.
8 * 5% + 2 * 10% = total stack is 60% at Max 10.

So the system can handle different stack percents for the same stack type.


Using this as a jumping off point, but really more a general response to a repeated question.

From the perspective of most P&P RPGs and even your standard martial arts film, monks achieve their prowess through mental and physical conditioning, not the spirits of nature, the elements, the cosmos, deities, etc.
As opposed to:

  • Druid (or sometimes Shaman) - power pulled from nature (flora and fauna)
  • Cleric (or sometimes Priest) - gifts granted directly by or on behalf of a god
  • Wizard - the base elements (fire, earth, water, air, space, time, etc)
  • Sorceror - for simplicity let’s call it the essence of existence, but it really depends on the source material

Some source may swap or merge wizards and sorcerors; they’re really kind of generic labels for magic users.


Oh, thank you for the information :slightly_smiling_face:

My main problem right now is choosing where to do a 10pull.
Shall I do it during s4 or wait a week and do it during magic event?

If you don’t have Miki/Tarlak/Gazelle or Panther wait for magic tower, Sergei will be insanely helpful, I also have gems for 10 pull and I’m waiting.


Exactly, wait. Sergei will be da bomb, Panther and Tarlak’s key buffs rolled into one practical package. Others are nice too, of course, mainly because of their versatility. I am expecting them to do crappy decisions on defense though.

About tower: glad my healers and main heroes are mostly magic classes. C-Viv is sorceress, my 4 maxed Gullis are druids, Alby is Druid as well, Lidenbrock is cleric. Low on wizards though (Onatel, Victor).


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