🧙‍♀️ Tower Of Magic guide

:woman_mage: Magic Tower first appearance : September 2021




corrected from floor 1 to 24

Heroes and curse


Deadly chamber effects

Bosses special skill

changes on the chart will be done next week
unfortunately sgg made some changes since last beta .

we did our best collecting datas and creating charts but sometimes we have to do it again in live game.


Does anyone from beta know how curses work for costume heroes given they have 2 classes?


Wow these are amazing, thank you for making them!!!


It works as 2 different heroes: marjana can be cursed , and c marjana avaible in your roster


Thanks you, and excellent work on the info graphics.


Here is from V41 changes news…
Other changes and fixes:

  • Tower Event Curses are now counted for hero and costume separately. This applies to both Tower Events: Tower of Magic and Ninja Tower



Thank you I hadn’t seen the release notes yet when looking on Google play.

i see coins seems different, so not possible to use ninja tower coins right?

The newest update changed the tower coin. My previous “ninja tower coins” now have a tower emblem on them instead of a ninja star and now read “used for tower summons”. So it looks like they can be used between both events.


and what with ninja troops? there will be magic troops? you “nenazrani zlodeji” :wink:

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No magic troop ( 20 characters

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Not only that, the 4* prize hero Sergei got nerfed after release…figures.

Looks like DoT from Anton, Nadezhda and Agrafena have meaningfully increased.

Hi @cap

About the hero descriptions:

I think the Hero descriptions are taken when these heroes are bosses at the Tower as the special skills have different numbers for all than what I have in the Beta Beat topic.
(In the Tower the heroes have lowered special skill than the hero in the portal, but with the higher attacks the DoT damage can be higher)

One thing what made me think that is Mortega I see this 0% Fiend HP bug with 0% attack in his second charge skill, which was a bug for the bosses.

So I think that image is not correct.
Or correct if you wanted to show how these heroes are look in the Tower.


What is his skill description now?

Look above in the sheets. All heroes are listed in the last sheet. His elemental defense down got nerfed from 54% to 38%, and his normal attack buff from 100% to 60%.

It looks like all heroes have their specials shown at 1/8 so I don’t think he is nerfed

Is there a mistake with the +1% attack and defense for ennemies in Agrafena’s cs ?


I am almost certain that they are not nerfed as I remember using him with the original numbers ( -54% defense, +100% attack) in the second time he was in Beta.

@Toum10 it is most likely a boss bug like Mortega or it is at a very early floor…


So, Ninja tower change to Magic Tower in the calendar ?

If those descriptions are taken bosses at the Tower, the head of the guide should be “Bosses Special Skill” not “Heroes Special Skill” since it can cause confusion for readers.

0% attack and 0% hp for Motega’s Fiend, so :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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