🧙‍♀️ Tower Of Magic guide

Appreciate all the graphics! Do you also have mob/Boss HP values per stage by any chance?

I have captured those in the Beta Beat topic for Tower of Magic Event.
You can check them out there.
Let me know if you do not find it.

When you found out that Magic Tower is coming on this month from Google Play instead of the staff telling you.
Talking about QoL and good service and communication.

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yes, it only shows the special skills of the bosses not the ss written on the heroes cards


Thx for the confirmation @cap


:test_tube: Early Information on New Tower of Magic Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v39, v41]

Maybe the staff member who usually writes this information to the forum (Petri) is on holiday, and others have forgotten to do it.

when i tested sergei it was as you described it -54% defense and +100% attack at the second charge

mortega SS screenshot was taken at level 1

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Thank you both!

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Excellent POST & thanks for sharing, especially the blessing chart.

I know the Blessings I will chose:

  1. +50% mana when entering the Boss stage
  2. First +5% attack… stacking upto 10 stacks (bcoz, early stages, build the +attack stacks to maximum)
  3. Then +5% defence… stacking upto 10 stacks (to be ready for later bosses)
  4. Thereafter all types of +mana = charge my heroes fast for the :fire: BooM ! :fire:

Happy playing MT !

thanks are due to @PlayForFun @LoloSnow and @Kaenguru for collecting the most part of the datas


So is it right to assume that Magic Tower requires you to spend 50% more time than Ninja Tower?

ouch. cannot even finish ninja tower & now this…

Based on Floor count yes, but this new Tower have more than double waves in total compare to Ninja Tower so maybe twice more time.


Same with Mortega fiend dissappear when 0% health absorbed. Is that a typo

How much tower energy do we get for free and how will it be distributed? Also how many days is the event? Anyone has any idea?

10 energy / day.
In the first round of Beta testing it was a 5 day long event, while it was 6 day long in the second round of testing.

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these are beautiful thank you!

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Thank you for these! Just stunning :star_struck:

And thanks to those behind the scenes too…


all these questions about if there are going to be “magic troops”

in a way, “magic troops” are already in the game: we call them “mana troops”


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