Too many red 4*, help me get rid some of them (poll)

Hello! Need your help again. Which ones would you drown? I added multiple choice so click away :slight_smile:

  • Boldtusk w/costume
  • Gormek w/costume
  • Scarlett LB w/costume
  • Zhou you (no emblems)
  • Guardian falcon LB
  • Wilbur LB w/costume
  • Cillian LB
  • Ferant LB
  • Zhabog
  • Aodhan

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The choices are the ones to get rid of, right :)? Not the ones to keep…

I have Scarlett LB and at +19, I haven’t been using her for over a year…


Yep, I see that it’s not totally clear :slight_smile:

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Keep all of them. They are great heroes.


Um…buy some more space?


I really struggle selecting who to discard too - especially since they are LBed and you even have the costume for many. I´d love to get Aodhan, Cillian, Zhabog and Zhou You myself!

Are you sure, you are not able to keep them? Are the ones you mention duplicates, or?

Aodhan, Cillian, Zhabog and Zhou Yu and Ferrant are keepers.
G Falcon and C WInbur are all round cards.
I dont care about Scarlet, BT if you have multiple copies.

Keep one of each, dupes can go.

Heroes I personally would use less than others: Scarlett, Zhou Yu, Aodhan, but that doesn´t mean they are useless. Aodhan can get a family bonus wit Cillian, Zhou Yu is useful for bloody battle. Scarlett right now is tough to synergize, because there are few fast red options with the right skills, but in the future there might be and then Scarlett would be the finisher with her hard hit.

Mono red is still a great one for epic events… if you don’t use falcon, Wilbur, and BT there, ditch them. Scarlet is not that great imo, but I haven’t put LB on her… Aodhan and Cillian are niche but good when it’s there time to shine: 4* tournaments… defenite keepers imo: Cillian, Ferant and Zhou You (he really should get some emblems to beef up those minions)

If i have any of those heroes, I use them. I think buying the extra space is worth it. If you had to get rid of some, I’d chuck the season 1 heroes. If you’re not using them now, you won’t likely use them anytime soon.

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keep at least 1 and get rid the dupes

buy roster space

get rid 3* heroes rather than unique 4*

Use some of your gems for more roster space.

I don’t know who these 33% people that are voting for c gormek. +20 emblem Red dispeller that kills minions and heals, and these people want you to drown him. Please don’t touch c gorm, he is a very good hero now.


Unless you have a ton of 5* antiminion heroes of course :wink:
Keep one of each of them, maybe also dupes of cGormek and BT if you don’t have 5* replacements for them (and there are not many red 5* healers). Least useful of the bunch is Scarlett, but sometimes you need a big buff to tile damage and there she has really no competition.
10 4* in one color is not too many - again unless you have a ton of ascended 5* heroes. You need 18 ascended 4/5* heroes in each color to be able to build effectie war teams against any tank color (I know green tanks are not popular now, but it can change with just one new hero released). You also need quite many heroes for W3K and these new elemental events.
So better buy more space.

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Thanks a lot everyone, You’ve been a huge help. Ok keeping all of them. :slight_smile:
PS Problem with zhou you is I don’t have emblems for him to save his life.

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Sooner or later they will come :wink: This game is for years…

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