How do I drop Titan levels quickly?

Hey guys due to some longtime players departing my guild is down on members and just passed on a 13 star Titan. How do I go about getting down to 10 star titans quickly to give us time to rebuild? Thanks in advance.

Start a new alliance or leave out some consecutive titans, which probably will take half a week or so from 13 to 10.

Keep killing lower tier titans by taking em down late. The earlier you kill em the faster they advance.

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Go mercing and kill titan anywhere else while waiting for ur titan to go down to 10*

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Ok guys. I am not looking to leave, Merc or whatever else while I wait. The alliance is still in tact. Just wondering how to drop down a couple Titan levels quickly. Whilst we rebuild. Thanks for the input so far, I appreciate it.

Since killing titan faster will increase the levelfaster so i assume not hit it at all will drop the level for next titan faster too.

But still u have to wait 11 hour for each respawned titan until it go down to 10*

U might don’t wanna go mercing, but ur allies might feel their titan flags will be wasted until 10* titan.

It might better to let them mercing for a while and kill low level titan, then back after ur allince ready to rebuild again.

Remember of valor quest need to kill many titans, so don’t waste the titan flags just for waiting

That may be the most valuable piece of information I have seen today. Our alliance currently moves between 7* and 8* titans. Those 8* monsters beat our brains in. I would like for us to stabilize a constant flow of 7* titans (for the most part) during PoV. So we at least have a shot at finishing the titan stages. Facing an 8* almost every other titan won’t get us there. So thank you, @Olmor! :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably there will be an 8* after every 2nd 7* nevertheless, no matter how slow you beat the 7.

We just have the same problem between 8 and 9. Our progress in the ally isn’t as fast as the titan levels raise. We are only able to grill about 2M health from each titan due to several members hitting for an average of 10K.

Actually, we are currently fighting our fourth straight 7* titan. All of them, took next to the end to finish off, but it really never equated. Our current 7* titan is on-pace to an early kill, but I shared your comment to my alliance, so hopefully they won’t go too crazy and consider backing off some.

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