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sorry for the tag… really confused

Question about how titan size is chosen…

please click link…

says Alliance score? so trophies affect titan size?

I thought it was just the titan score?

sorry looking for clarity

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In my experience, titans size or starts are determine by how quick the titan is killed and how many time the same level titan is killed. for example a brand new alliance will start with a 1* titan and if they kill it close to the scape time will continue having the same level for about few more times, then a 2* titan will show up. If the titan is killed faster it will level up faster but as soon the alliance missed it will usually go down one level.

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In my opinin titan matching in this game inadequate - very often after 10 * titan we got 12*. Why not just 5 times 10*, 5 times 11* and etc?

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Maybe because it’s based on alliance score after all? That’s why I put this here. Thanks guys!! :heart::heart::panda_face:

That’s been dismissed directly by SG staff.
If you kill the titan there’s a chance the next one will be stronger, if you don’t there’s a chance the next one will be weaker.

In the end it’s easier to consider it similar to a Elo: you do well you get harder opponents, you don’t you get softer ones :woman_shrugging:t3:

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