Titan levelling

How does it actually work? My alliance is young and we had got upto 4 star titans, faced a 5 and let it go, defeated a 4, then missed the next 4 and went to a 3 star, destroyed it in under 2 hours, then another 3, same again, and now the 3rd 3 star in a row which is already well on its way out, out team score has gone up and is at the same point as when we getting the 4 and 5 star titans. But we are consecutively getting 3 stars which we were getting with a much lower alliance score. So how does it actually work?

Generally you kill 3 to get to a higher titan, miss one and it is back to weaker, but there are exceptions occasionally

Yeah it seems titan level is not tied to alliance score, but really only to titan kills/escapes. There might be some invicible titan score that the system uses, but it definetly has some random to it also.

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This is getting ridiculous, we’re not a massively skilled alliance but 3 stars are a joke, we’ve defeated them 3 in a row in under 3-4 hours and got our 4th one in a row. And within 40 minutes the 4th one is already halfway dead. I don’t get he we go from 4 stars, to missing 1 to have to put up with 3 stars for so long.