Titan score decreasing


Well, if you’re keeping good records, post your actual patterns of the titan order please.

We can do some napkin math off the realistic sample: i.e. if you decide to take a pass the sensible thing is to tell your members not to use items and then hold flags at the 11h mark.

That sensible line is probably around 40% killed for trying to do the example math as you likely are calling the titan way ahead of time in this strat so you’re going to tell your members not to use items, or to go merc, or to do something other than hit the titan as hard as they can.

It’s not a matter of trying to convince each other, I’m genuinely curious and would like to see how a real world example that you’re doing is working out.

That and I’m kinda greedy for more titan progression data which I’m sort of looking at as my next real project hah.

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I am not sure it can help but here is our titan series. Sadly i kept track of PV since few weeks only

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Figured out the Titan decay timer.

24h as stated before.

Keyed off the Alliance creation time.

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I was wondering about the 5% decay that we once skipped. It was when the start of the titan was around the time of the decay

But more generally, since a titan cycle is 23h and the 5% decay is once a day (around the alliance creation time it seems) it should means that each 23 titans we skip a 5% on a titan. Am i right ?


Yeah, though the higher your score the more the 5% decay takes and it appears to work out over time if you are stationary on a given titan level.


Verified. We skipped the 5% decay on a titan and aligned two victories without decay.


Details? How did that work out? :slight_smile:


Look at our titan schedule. Once on 24 titan we mathematically gain one skip


To be more precise, the timing of daily 5% seems link to the creation time of your alliance (6-7h am) for us. When a titan ends around this time you will have the possibility to kill two titans without a single decay for two titans. Since a titan is 23h period, its logical


Even happens somewhat more frequently than that in practice dependant on kill speed (our fastest is around 5-6 hours consistently and our slowest is around 10h currently so there’s times where this happens naturally outside of the minimum 1/24 times) but agreed in general that is the case.

That said, when we’re taking 5% of a now inflated score that’s more than 5% of the “normal” score, so the decay function does eventually trend back. Ultimately it works fairly well anyway, can probably manipulate it some in the short term when talking leaderboard pushes or whatever but over the long run /shrug.


Does killing a titan on a given day in any way affect the decay of the Titan score (e.g. kill a titan in 6-8 hours and the decay applies to a shorter duration resulting in a lower decay offset)?


The decay happens everyday at the same time (at the time the alliance was created) and the score decays by 5%.
So you could delay the titan kill till after the decay so the score lost is not that big, but otherwise the killing time does not affect decay.


Are you still playing in the game and do you have a LINE contact? I would love to replicate this in English but I’m sure I have just a couple questions. My LINE ID is Grumolch.

Thanks very much!