Titan Scoring



Hi! I’ve noticed our Titan score changes a lot (to the negative) and I’m wondering where do the Titan points go ? Do we backslide if we miss one ? Or if someone leaves, even if they come back? Can I get an explanation of that process please ? :slight_smile:



It’s not just your score decreasing over time, or decreasing if you miss the Titan; you are in a race with all other alliances out there. Their success can push you off the Leaderboard too. :wink:

Edit: When someone leaves, they take their trophies (and trophy score) with them.


I’m aware of our personal trophy levels effecting it but our actual Titan score is dropping. I’ll need to edit and rephrase.

Got it. Sorry tired. I am curious about how much it goes down over time / how that’s calculated.


We pretty much fight all incoming Titans. I’ll have to pay attention the next time we lose. :confused:


Maybe we can track it over time and figure it out, though it would be PITA if a 7* isn’t a 7* or whatever.

Actually guess an interesting question is if decays during the day too. Benchmark as of 19:20 PST - 39382, last titan emperor 8* win.


Thanks Rev! I appreciate the help figuring it out


Well I think we can nail down whether it decays during the day or if it rolls over at like midnight Finland time or GMT or whatever pretty quickly.

Once that’s done maybe a historical record of titan / result / score might work though we’d probably need several alliances helping to figure things out whether type of 7* makes a difference, and if it changes once a day or whatever before and after that time period maybe… I’m in game frequently enough these days and I don’t mind contributing my own alliance’s data in terms of what our results were to try to help with that.

Not a bad little community project imo :slight_smile:


Love that you’re willing to nerd out with me on this :slight_smile:


Didn’t see a decay but today will be a better test with a fresh kill; not certain if we should update posts or reply with new (which unless we really have new information like decrease or figuring something out, yeah forums haha).

Titan / result / score

6/18/17 - Kraken 8* / kill / 40613
6/17/17 - Emperor 8* / kill / 39382 (decayed value?)


Reply with as much info as you can get; might take a bit to tease out the actual decay. :smile:


You can play too Rook! :kissing_heart:


Nooooo, not another paperwork request! :laughing:


That casts out my idea that you go down when you lose one I suppose. Weird how you don’t gain any ground after two 8* kills. Thanks for adding the info :slight_smile:


Er was my data confuzzling in it’s presentation? It may be, that was the score after the kill, so we did gain ground for the kraken 8* kill. Should I have labeled it differently? We can do whatever format you want Viv I was just making crap up as I went haha.

I didn’t post anything before the emperor kill because I wasn’t keeping track of the titan score


This was from last night (not sure exactly the time):

This was from just right now:

We killed a 5* yesterday, with a 6* escapee before that.


Oh no new one is on top. Good grief my wits are right out the window today :slight_smile: Youre fine with as is I just assumed top one was yesterdays and didn’t double check. Your way works


Good point I’ll put a date by it too why not?


Sure that’d work too


@Rook @Vivenna @Revelate

Like Rook hinted at, it may take quite some time to spot what’s going on. It may be some fancy-decay formula, it may be based on the last 20 titans killed, it may be based on the last 30 titans (killed or not).

For simplicity’s sake, imagine that it’s simply based on a total of the last 10:

6*, 6*, 7*, 7* , 7* (escape)
5*, 5*, 6*, 6* (at this point, several members leave, just bear with me)

and then 6* (escape)

At this point, you look at your alliance score, which may factor in that you had been fighting 5/6/7 star. As your alliance recovers and you start downing more 5* titans, those higher ones fall off your history, and even though you’re WINNING your titan score seems to drop.

Now granted, that may be an extreme example, but the point is, you won’t be able to spot the real trend without a lot of data.

The long and short of it is: “Beat strong titans and it goes up”

EDIT: TL; DR: Kills from the past month even may be messing with the numbers you’re considering now, so it may take time to figure out.


What I don’t know is, is there a decay or freeze effect when a player (or players) leave an alliance? Based on how they phrase it, I’d say no, but just wondering…