Titan Loot & You - A Data Farming Project! ***PRELIMINARY RESULTS***

To my knowledge, you can’t do this. I can give it a temporary pin to bring it to top of this category though.

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That would be Awesome @littleKAF!!

The main thing is that I need consistent data… getting the odd one here and there which is when they remember to do it doesn’t really help seeing as it will give a skew to the data.

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Definitely. If people only enter data when they get a good roll (i.e. unfarmable mats) it’ll skew the results. Have to enter the rubbish ones too!

I’ll start adding to your data. Normally levels VII-XI (IV or V when they escape)


Will start collating and adding my data, hopefully this will be a good resource so we can see how poor the drop rates are on 4* mats from Titans… Of course SG could actually publish the rates which would clear up a lot of these threads but I guess they’re too scared everyone will quit when they see how poor they really are!


That is very likely. I forget to check the count most times, I just note how many icons I see.

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Almost scared to post in here. Some clever data driven players in here…

But reading about “Rolls” up top scares me as a Tier increases it effects the % ON THE Rolls. Best example is how Raid contest loot scales up.

Good luck in pulling/logging data. Looking forward to seeing results.


Thats what I’ve always been led to believe too :slight_smile: at certain tiers there are break points if you will in giving extrq rolls.

For me it’s all a curiousity factor where I wanna know if it’s worth pushing up higher loot tiers or if there’s virtually no change

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Curious how much of a response you have gotten since this was posted? Are you getting many submissions? How often do you plan on updating the first post with new data percentages?

I haven’t yet checked to see if there have been many/new contributions :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve actually been having a holiday over the last week haha.

I am going to try to update every 1k or so data points. I made this initial post cause we ticked over 1500 data points (plus a couple… I just forgot to haha).

Next major update will hopefully feature some stuff around Battle Items & Titan Parts. Definitely stuff on the Gems, Trainers, Tokens, Flasks & Coins.

I’ve added my last 3 titans and am encouraging my alliance to do the same

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I’m gonna laugh if we get enough data points for it to be statistically significant and at some breakpoints it really is better to get Rank B. That’ll be the end of rational discussion on anything :joy::rofl:

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Potentially :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultimately all I want is the information to make a decision myself… Is it worth pushing hard to get A or A+ ranking to bump myself up 1-2 loot tiers? Or will it result in more-or-less the same ods on the rolls?

I’m curious if there is any updates on the analysis of the data?

I also want to encourage others to participate.

Not yet. Been snowed in at work & hectic answering questions about these costumes! :stuck_out_tongue:

One project of mine this last spring was tracking loot from elemental chests, titan kills, and those 5-kill titan chests. I’m not of a mind to invest the same amount of time into gaining game knowledge now as I was back then… but you might find the data useful… even tho it is pre-titan-parts.

This is the original thread, which contains a link to the raw data set, as well, should that be of interest.

No worries! Thanks for doing this. I’ll keep entering data and bumping this thread up so that others know to contribute.

keep up the good work.

I have 446 entries including escaped titans which I can send you. Mostly Tiers IV-VII if you are interested.
It is quite a lot and I don’t want to use the google form. It is great but EXTREMELY slow and unconvenient for someone with a lot of data.

Very very interested :slight_smile:

hit me up on Line @Pois1. My ID is Guvnor81

I’ve been faithfully contributing since I stumbled upon this thread. Posted in our discord server and encouraged my team to contribute but not sure if any are.

I too am looking forward to the updates on this. Thanks for undertaking @Guvnor :sunglasses:

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