Titan Escape loot tiers

Has the loot tier for escaped titans changed? A is tier 6 for this Titan but tier 1 for D?

Separate note you can’t title the topic Titan cause it has the word ■■■ lol

Loot tier is always 1 for grades C and D:

That’s why it’s so important to always aim for B grade.


A ■■■ is a very offensive bird.


Yet it’s ok for them to say Title.


Oops, guess I haven’t scored a C in a while either, that was a surprise for me this morning as well. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to re-educate myself on that :upside_down_face:

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Just say t!tan…


You can say Titan in a thread title or post, the issue was the á instead of a.

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Does loot improve if you reach tier one in harpoons on an escaped titan?

Edit: @Guvnor, I know you’ve been collecting titan data, do you know?

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Nope, whether the titan is escaped or defeated doesn’t seem to affect the loot gained at a set tier…

i.e. tier IV is the same on a defeated and escaped titan.

Harpoons don’t affect anything beyond the titan parts.


Thanks speedy :thumbsup:

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