Escaped Titans and Harpoons Question

If an escaped titan is hapooned, does it drop titan parts and are they reduced in line with loot tiers?

@Bruno82 for your information also

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I think the write on the wall seems to indicate that if Harpoons are thrown, there will be chances of drops… Regardless of whether Titan is killed or escaped.

Now the question is.

  • If there are Harpoons available to be crafted by at least one person in the alliance, but none were thrown, can it still drop Titan Parts if killed or escaped? I am leaning towards no on this one since it would be no different than before Harpoons were introduced…

  • If the 1st Harpoon threshold is not met, does that mean there could still be Titan Parts for a killed / escaped Titan, just not guaranteed?

Since Harpoon Season opened, our alliance have been killing the 7* Titans while meeting the 1st threshold each time, some of us got 4 Titan parts, some got 3. Today we see a 8*, and so far threshold has not been met yet (everyone is hurting for ham/iron from upgrading buildings and not everyone in our alliance has SH21 or HL yet), will be interesting to see if that second question would be answered by our actions.


Check this topic!
The answer is yes


Sorry, is there a reference to escaped titans? Scanned through but didn’t see it.

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Theres a print of 1 escaped titan thar dropped the titan parts ( but they reached the harpoon tier 1)


Got the image, thanks dude




Ok, I see how an escaped titan can drop feathers and maybe even the odd piece of shell. But there’d better not be spines, hearts and skulls in the escaped titan loot!

While looking for logic, it doesn’t bother you that a featherless and shell-less Titan dropped a feather and a shell? :smirk:


As a matter of fact it does! Having more than one alliance mate receive hearts and skulls from a definitely one-headed one-torsoed fire giant also irked me…


I think Phil has a conjoint twin in his back, we just can’t see it.

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OK we experimented in our alliance. on both a kill and an escape of a 12* titan
Defeated 12* titan threshold 1 (18 harpoons used)
A Loot = 6 titan parts
B Loot = 5 titan parts
C Loot = 4 titan parts

Escaped 12* titan Threshold 1 (24 harpoons used)
A Loot = 3 titan parts
B Loot = 2 titan parts
C Loot = 1 titan part

so it would seem that the number of titan parts was reduced by 3 across the board on a 12 *


That’s really helpful, thanks Rome

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Why not? Rng for all is the best thing this game has and that ensures its constant no of players.

here you go @Kitten


I might’ve not been entirely serious @_John_Doe ;). Ofc everything that helps us stay ahead is much appreciated! And I can see that your escaped A 10* loot is considerably better than my defeated A 11* loot… good on ya!


not mine; saw it, remembered and shared :slight_smile:


when a loot its dropped first random is bad/good/awesome loot
and after you get random for every item from that “category” loot.


To make it short…yes! Escaped titans drop titan parts in case you thrown the minimum amount of harpoons.


Lol. :laughing: If we ever come across a titan without a head and a hearth, we’ll know it was that one which escaped from you. It must be quite a monster. :face_with_monocle:


I have almost 70 titan parts from 12* and yet nor skull nor heart! This print must go to the complain thead!!!
Humm i see devs must love you​:wink::joy::joy:

Does anyone know the answer to this for sure?

In the small sample sizes we had, we had 3 escaped Titans and none of which we thrown enough Harpoons to meet the first threshold (everyone else is saving them for the next one). All 3 ended up not dropping Titan Parts for anyone that reported. We have not killed one and not managed to throw enough Harpoons to at least get to the first threshold, in other words, if we have decided that we are going to kill one, we make sure we throw enough Harpoons at it.

So I am inclined to think that if not enough Harpoons are thrown to at least make the first tier, you won’t get any parts, Killed/Escaped…

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