Opinions on reaching "B" Loot on escaping titans

Currently hitting 10*s, the leaders suggest hitting the titan and reaching B rate is beneficial on an escape. Wrong or right? Even causing some players to go into the next with 0 flags.

While getting at least B loot is ideal on an escaping titan, if it’s going to cause the player to go into the next titan without out all 3 flags, that’s not helping anyone out.
Is your leader encouraging the use of these flags to get to B loot, or is it just happening because people are trying to get there?

Basically chase B till it escapes regardless of next titan.
Suggested in our banner to get B

I guess it’s a question of whether you want crummy, or really crummy, loot.

B loot on an escaper is tier (Titan Level + 1) / 2 rounded down
C loot on an escaper is tier 1

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