Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

Well hello, @Duaneski ! Fancy seeing you around these parts.

Nice to have you back on the Forum. :slight_smile:

I’m traveling on vacation at the moment, so paradoxically my free time for the Forum is reduced at the moment. Weird, I know, but that’s how it’s working out. :thinking:

Because of that, I haven’t had a chance to read your updated post yet, and probably won’t have a chance for a few days — but I wanted to reply in the meantime to at least not ignore you.

At a first glance: I’d say it could use some headers and visual breakup to make the content more digestible.

Human brains are lazy by nature, tied to our evolution to survive; we ignore what we can, and look for outliers that may be important.

Using varies text/header sizes, horizontal lines, collapsing blocks, and images can all help with that — @Kerridoc gave some of the basics of formatting possible on the Forum a while ago.

I’d be happy to help with that when I have some time, and encourage you to take a crack in the meantime at further refining the formatting. :slight_smile: