Time to tighten up – which color heroes should I use against Titans if I don’t have enough strong color heroes?

I’ve been reading through the Forum about stacking the strong tile colors against a Titan for example using red against Green but my question is what if I only have two fairly strong red Heroes What colors would you use after that besides the week color that is. For example I guess a yellow and purple would be okay? Would they just do normal at damage? And what about tiles of the same color as the Titan? What kind of damage would that do. I mean if I had a green Titan and I have a green hero in my party is at a waste or am I better off with yellow and purple the neutral colors

When I had only two heroes in each colour, what I used to do was that I would just replace the weak colour of my main rainbow team. So for example, against a blue titan I used 2 greens, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 purple. This way you can get the most out of tile damage, which should be the main focus for titans. :slight_smile:

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So on your example against a blue Titan green is a strong color but then after that blue purple and yellow just do normal damage? Are they all equal after that

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Yes, all neutral colours do the same amount of damage and only depends on the attack statistics of the heroes. Ofcourse you can double on the neutral colours too, but then you would be too much board dependent. 2-1-1-1 is the best way to utilize the board. Ofcourse, down the line if you get more heroes or titan special heroes like WuKong, Tarlak or Wilbur, you would want to use them on all titans. Also applies to the colour specific defence debuffers like Jackal or Falcon. :slight_smile:

Once you get 3 fully ascended heroes of one colour you can start using 3-1-1, and eventually you might want to move to 4-1, where the 1 is either Wu or Tarlak. :slight_smile:


These 2 charts from zero at 7d and Sarmale and the line groups are great quick references for setting up titan teams. Try to add an attack buffer and defense dropper in strong or neutral colors and fill in your remaining spots with strong color heroes or neutral heroes with high attack stats or very useful specials that help keep you alive like mana block/drop. :wink:

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