Tell me very simple what colors to use on Titans

So many explanations. And I love this Forum to pieces :heart_eyes: But just tell me very simple what colors to use on Titans. What colors are best. Now there’s a yellow one. Tell me once and then I’m good :slight_smile:

Usually, you need an attack buffer (Boldtusk, Kiril, Wukong, etc), defense debuffer (Tiburtus, Grimm, Gormek, Wilbur, etc) and 3 heroes of the strong colour preferably with high attack stats (purple in this case for you). It would be better if you share your roster for better advice. :slight_smile:

As an example, the following would be my team for a yellow titan. :slight_smile:

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Violet is strong against Yellow
Yellow is strong against Violet
Red is strong against green
Green is strong against Blue
and Blue ist strong against Red

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Thank you that’s all I needed to know :+1::tulip: simple and clear.


Since your roster still needs to develop more, I would suggest you to just use your 5 strongest heroes for now. No need to do colour stacking. Also, just as a piece of advice… You should first try to max atleast 2x 3 star heroes in each colour, then move on to some 4 stars. It’s better not to work on any 5 stars until you have atleast 1x rainbow 4 star team maxed. Working on 5 stars will just consume a lot of time and resources and will unnecessarily slow your progress in the game. I know they look shiny, but you should definitely stay away from them until your roster is more developed. :slight_smile:


@ThePirateKing Thank you. Yes I am about to finish Bane and then Balthazar. Kash, Bold and Mel are also my priorities. And Ren! Because they are Love and my first I got :see_no_evil::heart_eyes: Ren helped me a lot. And Kiril is important I guess. Yes I used my strongest. I am just asking for the colors so I know later when all of or at least most of them are maxed.

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@Ljiljana If you need a reminder of what is strong against what, when you are in a battle there is a small graphic in the top left hand corner that shows what @htower said.


Graphic circled in image. Goes clockwise so colour is strong against next one clockwise.


Another way to remember: fire (red) burns trees (green), trees (green) soak up water (blue), and water (blue) puts out fire (red). And dark and light just beat up on each other.

Yes, I know blue is ice but that’s just frozen water.


Allriiiiiight now the color question is also clear :+1: thanks to all.


Here is a good thread that explains the colours well … this is most fundamental aspect of the game. Get that down and you are well on your way!

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