2 or 3 strong color heroes in titan battle?

For highscore titan hits, it seems to be effective to use 3 heroes of strong color (e.g. 3 red heroes against a green titan). Of course it’s a long way to level up 3 heroes of the same color. On the other hand, I imagine you get really low scores if the strong color doesn’t show up much on the board. For maximizing mean hit scores, is it better to play only 2 strong color heroes (and avoiding the weak color), or should I use 3 if possible?

More specifically, I’m wondering whether I should level up and use

  • Boldtusk, Scarlett and Falcon against green titans
  • Wu Kong, Chao, and/or 2 Jackals against purple titans

For the other colors, I don’t have 3 good heroes of the same color.

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I use 2: When I try 3, I get skunked on the board.

I’d like to hear some triple-same color success stories though. I love outlier luck! :grin:


I actually had my highest hit with 3 reds on a green titan (72k). But my other hits with that setup were not too bad (I have strong red heroes), but not great either. So usually I go for 2 strong and leave out the weak color. I have had multiple 50k+ scores like that. I do have Wu Kong, but no Athena or other 5*s (not true, I have Marjana now, but she isn’t strong enough yet).
My average hits are between 20-30k, not that you all think I always score so high.

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3 of same color makes it more RNG-fest.

That 87k one hit 7k the next I sent to you via Line for giggles, was using 3 reds vs. Gorgon Queen.

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So my alliance were discussing the use of multiple strong hero’s against a titan just this morning. Someone spoke against it saying the mana was shared among the multiple hero’s of same color and therefore they filled slower than if just one hero of that color was being used/ getting mana/ filling the mana bar. There doesn’t seem to be a great way to test this theory though. What are you’re thoughts on it?

It’s not true.

I play with two blues, Grimm (average) and Magni (fast)…Naturally Magni fills faster than Grimm, but it’s due to their mana [fill] speeds, not that they are sharing.


Thanks Rook. That’s what I’ve always thought, but the idea they “share” was intresting enough to explore.

I believe the only thing they share are teoops. Meaning that the tiles will turn into the differemt troops of the heros. I dont knownif it alternates or is random. Someone else may know

I’m not sure which troops it shows, but the damage is added between all heroes of that color.

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Hmm, I’ll go test. Brb.

EDIT: Hmm, I took two blue troops (4*, and 3*). I saw the 4* more often, but couldn’t determine the mechanism of why one over the other. I want to test again.

EDIT2: Tried again with 4* and 2* (easier to see the difference between them). I’m thinking it’s randomized: I saw a three-vertical attack that had 2*/4*/2* in the same attack. The rest of the time it alternated between the two.

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so does the damage from each troop double when using two same-colored heroes? if using two reds that normally have troops that do 100 each do they do 200 now? or is it just that you get “strong” attacks and no “weak” ones?
i have been using this strategy for a while but never watched the numbers themselves.

If I recall correctly (someone posted about this in the past), the damage you do will be an addition of each hero of that colour, modified by their respective troop stats.

So if you had 1 red 5* with excellent troop, and another red 2* with rubbish troop, I would not expect that you’ll get double the damage as you would if you had the 5* alone. To me it’s logical that you’d get (modified damage of the 5*) PLUS (modified damage of the 2*).

Not 100% sure though.


I’ve tried using 3 of a colour and got frustrated. (Readers of my other posts on this board will know that I frustrate easily, so maybe that opinion doesn’t count for much).

Looking at it more logically:
If you now eliminate 2 other effective colours from the board, I would say you are more statistically likely to get unfavourable boards than favourable. So although I think your highest individual score would be much higher with triple colour (for the odd time you get a favourable board) I would expect your average score would probably be lower. Each time you get a favourable board in the off colour, you are getting very little score, which would not make up for the occasional time you get a good layout in your tripled colour. You essentially have double the chance of getting a good layout in 1 of your 2 missing colours to what you have in getting a good layout in your triple colour.

This is gut feeling… I don’t have the statistical grounding to definitively prove this statement. It boils down to the forum equivalent of a drunken ramble in the pub.

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Really appreciate all the input; thanks so much. I have shared your responses with my alliance…and encouraged them to read these and more for themselves. Thanks again, happy hunting, and Dilly Dilly from Skill Builders.

I have tested 3 strong color heroes against titans for a while now, and my average damage has increased quite a bit. It works really well if those 3 heroes include an attack buffer and defense debuffer. Since they will be more or less in mana-sync (if not, a small mana potion helps), they will cause tons of damage when the right gems show up. I mean tile damage between 2000 and 3500 (critical hit) if two attack buffs and two defense debuffs are stacked at the moment.

The 3-hero combinations I use are :

  • Boldtusk, Scarlett, and Falcon
  • Jackal, Chao, and Wu Kong
  • Kiril, Sonya, and Grimm

As a Wu Kong user I try to use only two colors in titan’s battle. Maybe I’ll be unlucky with one attack but with the others I’ll rock.

Team composition:

  1. Wu Kong
  2. Strong color (SC) healer or Kailani
  3. SC Attack increase hero
  4. SC Defense reduction hero
  5. SC hitter

Doing so I can hit with min 3 “weak color” the weak spot without Wu Kong miss chance and prepare the table for the one-color-wonders hit with damage modifiers. Banners only if my heroes can’t provide attack and defense empowerments.

Mana potions on the healer or Kailani/Gunnar + attack reduction if I can’t 3x hit the weak spot, dragons and gems creation across the board and then unleash it all at once.


Always go 3 and probably go 4 when i levelled my red and blue.

I use 3-4 heroes of the strong color in titan battles always adding wu kong and a strong debuffer.
My strongest team is my yellow team incl. jackal & wu kong. In this setup after having wu kong and jackal fired one yellow stone makes in the weak spot 3k-4k damage a stone! And this is with the team in the picture whcih is far from finally levelled:

But this is risk and reward strategy. You can get really high (highest was 60k) damage up to 5k damage of course also using mana and other items.
But in the overall sum it is rewarding.

I just got aware of players that make 100k damage against a 10* per round!!! and the described setup is the only way i can imagine how this is possible…


I use Wu and Grimm for every Titan plus 2 Strong colour, I have hit 75k doing this and regularly over 45k, it’s important to use mana to level Wu and Grimm up from the start to get the most benefit and all other heroes should have 700+ attack, it’s the individual hits that make up the big numbers. Don’t worry about the weak spot too much, use antidotes and healing potions, don’t take weak healers in, if you have a weak board get rid of the weak colours to make way for stronger ones

I was able to double my average titan damage/flag from ~10,000 to ~20,000 by switching from a rainbow team to a team that is made up of 3 or 4 strong color heroes with the rest of the team Wu Kong and Boldtusk or Kiril. While I have a lot of heroes to choose from, my only fully ascended hero is Wu Kong. The rest of my heroes are on the way or waiting for ascension materials. This method also allowed me to routinely be in the top of my alliance as far as titan damage (even without the most leveled heroes). Yes, you can get some really low scores, but on average your teams will do more damage.


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