Next Rings for Red Hero

For red heroes, I have the following maxed and thinking of Limit Breaking Octros next.

Gefjon LB+20
C Marjana +20
Octros +20
Garnet +13

Waiting for rings are Russell, C Vanda and Nadezhda (all 3/70). I recently pulled C Santa and will level him up to 3/70 as well.

At the next level down (2/60), I have Grazul, Yang Mai, Azlar and Khagan.

Who is the most deserving of rings? Or should I wait in case I pull a great hero like C Black Knight in the upcoming Challenge Festival? Fingers crossed…

Poll for easy voting:

  • Russell
  • Vanda (+ Costume)
  • Nadezhda
  • Santa (+ costume)
  • Grazul
  • Yang Mai
  • Azler
  • Khagan
  • Wait

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Thank you, Guvnor! Much appreciated!

C Vanda is so useful. I know you have Garnet who’s amazing, but the depth Vanda gives you will be great and all with very fast mana


I think of C Vanda as the love child of Garnet and Octros (assuming a he). She has Garnet’s cleanse and a lite version of Octros’ damage to all. :smiley:

Santa is your best choice IMO. That -54% defense down is huge. You already have Garnet which makes Vanda/Grazul a little redundant.

Depends on if you want more defensive, offensive or balance:

Offensive - Russell - Guaranteed hits in a current Dodger Meta

Defensive - C.Vanda - I’ve found her frustratingly annoying when going up against teams with her

Balance - I’m not sure. Thinking C. Vanda still but since I don’t have her there is no way for me to know if she is good on offense as well as defense.

My 2 cents for you would be you already have the heroes that can do damage. So Level up Santa for the Defence Down.

Thank you for all your helpful comments!

I decided it was only a short wait till the December Challenge Festival in case I got lucky and pulled something great like Black Knight. Guess what? I got lucky and pulled Black Knight!!! Wow!

So Vanda and Santa will have to wait till next time… :slight_smile:


Thanks Guvnor! Great to have you around. Much appreciated

A quick update… I’m happy to report that Black Knight is now fully maxed / emblemed and awaiting red aethers for LB.

Also, Vanda + costume just got her rings and is being levelled up to 4/80 now. Sadly I don’t have any spare Sorcerer emblems for her. These have all been used up for Xnolphod (+20), C Krampus (+19) and Garnet (+18).

Planning to give Santa + costume the next set of rings unless I get really lucky and pull someone great… like Ruby! Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover:


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