Spreading Emblems or focus on KeyHeroes?

Which talent strategy would you prefer and why?

Whole bench to talent 3 or a few heroes with higher or maxed talents?

A few emblems to the key-4* as Wilbur, Jackal, Falcon, Wu…then to my roster most valuable/useful 5*


Im considering spreading them to some extent - even only the first node might give a very useful talent.

I have two Clerics in my def team for example, tank Kunchen is +3 atm but wing Elk will get +1 for the mana shield once he’s maxed (well, if no good green 5s have turned up by then). Will then continue putting emblems on Kunchen.

Will use the same approach for other classes where sharing makes sense. Wizards Hel and Anzogh will share, should I not happen to pull an amazing red 5… like, maybe a Barbarian that might or might not be featured this next Atlantis…

Fighter BT will not get stripped but won’t be taken further down the grid. Same will go for Barbarian Grimm (they are both +7). The only 4 I’m sure I will keep adding to at this stage is Druid Caedmon, he’s a staple for me in raids and wars and has no competition from 5s in my roster.

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But don’t see the value in emblems for Wu. Thoughts?

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I am giving emblems to Falcon. as a 4* But wouldn’t for Wu. He gets less useful as the titans get above about 9* even with emblems

I am sharing some of them a little bit. Had Magni as my only decent fighter and got him to level 4. but then got Panther. I don’t regret them on Magni, but won’t take him any further. Decided to keep them there rather than using a reset.
Similarly I am giving Alasie fighter emblems but am thinking about giving Lianna the first step … but not sure about that yet

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Boost attack and health to make him less squishy. Resist bad state is also helpful. Maybe up to the first crossroads…

I’m spreading them out a bit in two senses:

  • For the 5* I gave them to (Evelyn, Vivica, Thoth-Amun), I’m stopping each at +4, and switching to 4* instead (Triton, Rigard, Sabina)

  • For all other Emblems, I’m giving them to 4* to +18, and then intend to only give them to 4* or 3* after that for the foreseeable future; so I anticipate spreading them more over time than I would be focusing on 5*

I’ve said this elsewhere, but if I were starting fresh now, I’d skip putting Emblems on any of my 5*.

I’m finding that the payoff of putting them on core 4* is bigger, and I like the idea of being able to have a larger mix of Emblemed heroes, instead of dumping a ton of them onto 5* to make little progress.

I think that fits somewhere in the middle — I’m doing high levels, but on lower rarity heroes that don’t take as many Emblems.

So less spread in the short run, but more spread in the long run.

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Wu only for the HP and def boost for higher survival.

Fighter, I gave Magni +4 and gave BT +1.

Ranger, I gave Lianna +5 instead of Alasie.

For me, depending on roster, put emblems to 2 heroes per class. 1 to be focused on and 1 for the first node. Preferable, a 5* and a 4* like what I did for Magni and BT.

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Ok guys. I have gormek as my tank being the first 4 in red to come my way. 4/70+7. The question is . I have Grimm maxed with 36 emblems available To give . He’s more of a Challenge event Hero ,& war.and red titans for me. With kiril being in my defense team 4/70+9. Trying to figure out if I should start giving more to Grimm to boost his defense ,& or atk. Or just focus on gormek being in my defense /tank?. Any thoughts?

Also have LJ 4/41. With two eves at 3/70 in my defense. LJ is not in my defense team. Eves aren’t really apart of the question being ranger class. Just added for a better thought

Keep emblems on Gormek if you using him much. Give new emblems on Grimm and go atk>def>hp

Your tank should be your prime imperative for emblems. And I say that as someone who has Grimm at +20

Update . Sorry kiril is my tank,& gormek is the left flank. But I will start giving all new to Grimm . And focus any ones I have for wizard class to kiril

Wow! Grimm at 20! I have Grimm at 11 and he’s one of my favs. I can’t imagine how awesome he is at that level. Sweet job @Halifax. :+1:

Good day, I’ve been wondering what the best use of me good ol’ emblems would be… First thought that comes to mind is giving them to the best hero you can right… (But hmmm… Which fighter is really best) What about spreading them out to provide a range of strong heroes. I’m thinking getting my first hero to talent 11, then moving to the next hero and get them going. For example I’ve got Delilah, Magni, Poisidon, and Missandra to name a few for fighter emblems. Pro’s and con’s:
Pro’s, a larger array of strong heroes that can be used in different circumstances, better for color stacking with a more emblemed team of heroes that helps in war and titans, and provides options.
Con’s, would result in a weaker defence team as others will max their Kunchens, gGravemakers, Mother North’s… Etc.
Let me know your thoughts on splitting them up versus fulfilling one hero. Thanks!

@Rigs would probably be able to add his insight on this topic.

Personally I prefer to put all my eggs into one basket so to speak. My main defence team are emblemed to the max, and I do 2 of each colour for emblem maxing.

I think its a personal preference but I find this works very well. Also, in war I will use 1 to 2 maxed 5* in each attack, spreading my maxed heros out on each attack.

Okay, thank you. I’m not worried about needing to spread out the 5*'s, I’ve got a strong roster but the emblems and hmmm

Nice. If you have the 5* heros, and have good heroes to throw emblems into then I would say 5* only for sure. The only 4* of mine that ever got emblems was Bloodtusk, who recently got stripped of them when I maxed Magni.

Nice! Yeah I’ve got li xiu and gormek with embelms because I don’t have a 5* maxed for those categories.

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