Bring Boril or Thorne to the next level?

Hi all, I am at a point where I have 20 heroes maxed and 10 only “half”. Thorne is on 2/60 and Boril at 3/60. Who would you bring to the next level? Which heroe is overall more useful? Thanks in advance.

I’d pick Thorne. I ascended Boril to 4, and he’s sitting around 4-35, I never finished him, because he wasn’t all that useful. He had some moments, and I still use him in war attacks once in a while, but bigger and better things came along, and he’s underwhelming in Diamond cup levels. I regret ascending Boril, I should’ve left him at 3-60.

Thorne, meanwhile… I don’t have him, and I hear he’s underwhelming, but he’s a 5* and he will always be a 5* - whereas Boril will always be a ho-hum 4* with low attack, insane defense, and a special that is less reliable than select-target, damage-target. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!



He is able to help you with quests and challenges especially against bosses.
Decent tank as well for platinum league.


Boril is a reliable sturdy dwarf who works in all facets of the game well, except titans. He’s on my raid defense team, and riposte is great on offense against enemies that attack multiple heroes.

I don’t have Thorne, but if he showed up in my next pull, he’d probably be my #5 Blue priority behind Isarnia, Trition, Gato, and maybe Richard.


It all depends where you are at in your game and your roster. Boril is a good 4* reposts in war / defence. But if you are short of 5* Blue - Thorne is ok just work with what you got rather than wait for something better and wait some more …


I agree with @JGE.
Where you are at in the game plays heavy in the decision making process. You can max 2 4* for the price of 1 5* and IMO Thorne isn’t really worth it.
That’s my opinion but is he really worth it to you is all that matters.

Here are the other questions that need to be addressed.

1.) What does the rest of your roster look like?

2.) Who is your tank now? How far can that tank take you?

3.) Do you have all the AM for Thorne?

#3 is real important because if you don’t have all the AM a maxed 4* is better then a 3:70 5*

The choice is yours
Happy gaming


boril. 20 cacaracca 20

It’s thanks to Boril that I don’t use so many items for cleric’s class trials, I would do him first.


If it is any question in your mind, then Boril.

in this order:

  1. Boril
  2. Boril
  3. Thorne (but only when you have 12 scopes, 16 warm capes)
  4. Boril



I have both - Boril at 4^70 and Thorne at 2^60. I am currently using Boril as my tank, and he holds me above 2100 cups. I was working on Thorne as a potential new tank, but Kiril came along, so I shelved Thorne for the moment, but I do plan to come back and max him.

FWIW, this has not been my experience. I use Boril frequently in wars and class quests in addition to using him as my tank. Probably @Fizban has a better roster than I do; Boril is currently my third-best blue, behind Sonya and Grimm.

When facing Boril on raid offense, I bring as many dispellers as is practical. I simply can’t fire someone like Gormek if riposte is active. (And it stays active a LONG time.) I’m in the habit of bringing lots of dispellers anyway, but he might require attackers to change their usual attack team composition, and that’s the point of a good defense team.

Agree with this 100%.

This is also a huge question. Right now, I have 9 scopes and no other legendary blue. If that’s still the case when I get Thorne to 3^70, he’s getting the mats. I’ll judge for myself whether that was a mistake, regardless of what the boards say. But if you are sitting on fewer than 4 scopes, you might as well do Boril. You’ll probably have time to get him to 4^70 AND Thorne to 3^70 before you get the remaining scopes. Based on my experience with Thorne at 2^60, and really just the math of his low attack stat, he isn’t going to be massively useful until he hits 4^80. (I still use him for class trials, because I’m lacking good paladins.)

This is also pretty sound advice. Better to regret spending on a 4-star than a 5-star. They level much faster and cost much fewer resources.



Depends on your roster.


I recently got Boril and Obakan ( still lack Cyprian ). But Gryphonkit, my wife, loves her Cyprian and Obakan ( see notes ).

Damage from ally counterattack buff bypasses defense stat, and all defense buffs, including enemy counterattack buff. Not sure about reflect damage like 5* Titanium Shield.

Counterattack is a great ATTACK special skill. Basically shared damage is good versus snipers and counterattack is good versus Area Of Effort damage. But both need good timing, and healing, to make a huge difference.

The computer is just not smart enough to use healing, counterattack, and shared damage special skills effectively.

Cleric class quests

Piety ( Bosses= Boril, Friar Tuck, Joon )
Fortitude ( Bosses = Horghall, Vivica, Boril )

Counterattack is useful against physical/ slash attacks from the Bosses and ignores Boss Boril’s counterattack buff. Counterattack is very useful against Horghall’s special skill.

See also

Interesting but outdated
(ARCHIVE- How my wife broke Empires- not her first time breaking a game- or Purple and Yellow are weird when attacking, especially in raids)

Interesting but outdated


Ah, you misunderstood me. I also bring Boril when attacking, especially when I see lots of foes that attack all, and especially if there are no dispellers on the defense team.


You are right that I didn’t read closely enough and was thinking about defense, but I was primarily just using your sentence as a jumping off point to make a different point anyway. I do agree with your point about offense, though; since I have maxed Boril, I usually find a war defense team during alliance wars where he can be useful on offense. Watching your foes annihilate themselves is hilarious.


If you don’t have the telescopes, definitively Boril.

He has become a very good tank, and now with the emblem thing, I even found some in Diamond.

And by the time you get the telescopes you will have enough capes to ascend Thorne.

Now, if you do have the telescopes, Thorne will get you further in the game.

Thanks all for the replies. Boril made it.

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