Thorne Vs Richard

I’ve nearly finished bringing Frida to 4.80.
The obvious synergy that both Richard and Thorne have with her tempts me to max them even though neither of them are top tier 5* blues.

I’ve Alasie and Aegir at 4.80 already and Richard at 3.70. Thorne is at 1.1 but I’m planning on bringing him to 3.70 and comparing him to Richard. My feeling is I’d prefer Thorne’s higher special damage over Richard’s attack debuff but how do other people find either of these combined with Frida and are either worth the scopes?

I don’t need to lvl any more Ice 4*'s as I’ve two Kirils, a Grimm, Triton, Boril and Sonya maxed.

Or, Richard is much better than Thorn!

Richard’s main target’s raw value: 2672,6
Thorne’s main target’s raw value: 3062,4

Richard have utility, utility > damage in most of the cases.
With Frida’s debuff I think that you would already have plenty of damage but you could need a bit of utility to remove attack from your foes (Frida dispels 100%, Richard only attack buffs) to help your team to survive. It’s also helpful on titans!

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Neither would get in my Titan team to be honest. Kiril and Wu would round that team out. Id be using one of them specifically with Frida in wars and map levels etc. For raiding I’d stack Frida with Alasie and Aegir against a red tank.

Suggestion is Grimm x 2

Pocket the telescopes, meat and stuff

I ran grim, grim, grim, Sonya, Kiril for a long time

Which morphed into Grim, Grim, Alice, Frida, Kiril

It syncs up nicely - Isarnia will drop in if she shows up… may add Richard or Thorne eventually, or a second Frida

Vote for Richard. His high defense keeps him alive. Coupled with attack down, he stays alive long enough to be useful.

if you got limited mats better keep it for Ariel , hope you pull her at April atlantis

do more Grimm or Kiril wont hurt for deep bench in AW

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Has anybody used a max Thorne or a max Richard with Frida? If so how much approximate damage does it do?

I use them daily but cannot tell you the digits…but they are brutal together! Frida not even maxed 4/fortysomething. Richard is golden.

Thanks for the reply. You use Richard with Frida? You don’t use Thorne?

I don’t use him, yes.

In raids against red tanks I use this combination -->

Kiril - Frida - Grimm - Triton - Richard


… they’re mostly defeated in high speed.

I second the Grimm idea rather then either Thorne or Richard.
Even better a talented Grimm.

Mmmhh… so juicy.

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My Richard and Thorne are just sitting, not really concerned about them at the moment when I have Grimm and Kiril, I currently also have Isarnia and I love her. I have an unleveled Triton and Misandra and they both will get my ascension materials before Richard or Thorne.

I have 4 Thornes on 1:1 and one Richard at 1:1. Have the same doubt. Frida + Thorne magic you can see here It’s in Russian language but there in nothing interesting to hear.

For now I have Kirill Grimm Frida and Isarnia. Besides 4 Thornes and Richard I have maxed Triton.
From my perspective It would be better to go for Thorne and replace Grimm. Frida Isarnia and Thorne is minus tree heroes in any defense team. There would be no need for Richar’s debuff. I also think about waiting for Magni, but for Frida you need mass attack hero to get more value.

If you got her, I’d find a way to wiggle in Ariel for the buff, and drop one of the 4 stars in favor of a heavier hitter. :slight_smile:

I mean not like Scopes are rare or anything :slight_smile:

Finished Kiril Grimm Sonya Triton and now working on Magni, Richard and Thorne are still sitting.

Update: I eventually maxed Richard for war depth and I use him sometimes in raids. I left Thorne sitting but I did pull and max an Isarnia. I also maxed another Grimm and a Valeria. I’ve a Rumplestiltskin now at 3.70 and I’ve had terrible luck receiving scopes.
I don’t 100% regret maxing Richard but I’d take those scopes back if I could.


TC20 just kicked out both Richard and Thorne. Have mats enough for both. Who gets the nod? Alliance currently using yellow tanks.

Leonidas80+1 Joon445 Vivica70 Joon140 Justice60 Leonidas Vivica
Chao70+18 Chao70 LiXiu70 Danzaburo60 HuTao105 Chao LiXiu

Sartana80+1 Kunchen465 Sartana130 Obakan225
Cyprian70+10 Sabina70+15 Merlin70+15 Tiburtus70 Rigard70+7 Tiburtus60 Ameonna325 Tiburtus Cyprian

Khagan80 Elena340 Khagan
Boldtusk70+20 Wilbur70+18 Scarlett70+18 Kelile70+9 Colen70+7 Gormek70 Sumitomo60 Scarlett60 Scarlett230 Colen Wilbur60 Scarlett

Lianna80+1 Margaret60 Lianna330 Lianna Margaret
Skittleskull70+18 Melendor70+18 LittleJohn70+15 Caedmon70+11 Gadeirus70 Melendor60 Caedmon Kashhrek Skittleskull LittleJohn Gadeirus

Richard Thorne
Kiril70+9 Grimm70+18 Grimm70 Grimm70 Sonya70+18 Boril70+18 Agwe70 Triton420 Grimm Sonya315

Richard then thorne…

Hard choice. Most money spending players would laugh at such dilemma, but for players relying on TC20 heroes, it’s a really good question. I got Thorne about two weeks back, maxed him about three days later and assigned +11 nodes to him so far. I used Boril+18 as tank before Thorne came along. Now Boril’s emblems went to Elkanen who’s right wing on my defense. Since then (about 10 days) my defense success rate went up considerably (I’m usually above 2500 when I log in in the morning) and also my blue stack works much better. My problem is Thorne needs to survive waiting for Isarnia to charge to be really effective. If they both get charged, damage output is insane. Richard is most likely a better tank for his def down, but if you can work around it with an attack buffer, Thorne really inflicts a lot more pain on the enemy.


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