Thorne or Richard

I couldn’t find a concensus on this question since the latest update for Thorne. Which is worth ascending all the way, Thorne or Richard?

I was waiting for Magni, but I’m 150+ draws from TC20 and no luck yet.

My current defense team
Grimm (13 emblems), Sartana (4 emblems), Buddy (14 Emblems), Anzogh, Joon (5 Emblems).

Would be replacing Grimm…I also have about 300 Paladin emblems to add to one of these. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Richard. I think he has better stats and a much more useful special.


Thorne is improved, but Richard is still better from my perspective.

A 3-target, 6-turn attack debuff is just huge. I’d far prefer that on both Offense and Defense, and it’s very useful for Quests and Events.

Thorne is very, very slightly sturdier — about 1.1%, using 2x defense + HP — so their survivability is nearly identical.

Thorne hits a bit harder, but I don’t see that being worth the tradeoff of how useful an attack debuff is.


Yeah, and 6 turns is an eternity for a 5* special.


Neither is recommended.
Waiting for more stronger 5* ICE Heroes.

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Ascend Richard, since mats will possibly come faster than better heroes.

Waiting for heroes while sitting on mats isn’t a good strategy.


Amen to that, brother!


So what do I do in my situation? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


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In my honest opinion, although neither are really great 5* Blue, you are better ascending Richard


Thanks for your thoughts, everyone. I think I’ll ascend Richard. I need a 5* blue and can’t wait forever.

I’ve had Elkanen at 3/70 for 9 months and have all the mats to ascend him as well. Just was waiting for something better. I got Margaret last month…and I’ll happily ascend her one day as I think she’ll be really fun to play with, I didn’t really want either on my main defense team. I guess Elk isn’t so bad. I wish his attack was like Khagan and he hit all 3 the same amount.

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