Who to ascend to final

Finally have enough to do another blue 5* Thorne miki or newly aquired richard any ideas or thought

Without knowing your roster I would say;

Definitely Miki
Maybe Richard
Probably never Thorne


Magni maxed athena +6 Thorne and miki sitting at 3.70 fightimg 6 7* titans

Miki or Richard depending on your needs.

For high titans you need Miki. For mid (up to say 9*) he will work at 3-70.

Richard can be a decent tank of you don’t have one yet. He is also useful on offense. I team mine with Grimm.

I don’t have Thorne myself (one of few 5* I’m missing from TC20) but general consensus seems to favour Richard.

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If you’re more f2p, I’d say Richard. Planning on pulling during AR, might wanna wait and see if you get lucky with Ariel… or vela (athough, I haven’t formed an opinion on her yet)


In my honest opinion it depends on your needs. Richard packs a punch and makes a good Tank.
Miki is a beast for Titan scores.
And don’t be put off with all the old stuff written about Thorne in the forum. When he was buffed as part of one of the upgrades he too packs a nice punch.
Good luck

If you can wait, see if you pull a Richard or Thorne costume. Thorne is not as bad as people let on. Miki will serve you at 3/70 just fine up to 10* titans.

I don’t believe a Thorne costume has been released yet. And with costumes on hiatus that may be a while.

Just Richards one. Think he got mixed up between the two

Also, pulling a costume is currently comparable to pulling a HOTM. I wouldn’t make my ascension choices based on what costume I may or may not get in the future.

Thorne has been improved but tbh I still dread Richard firing against me more.

Just pulled richard from tc20 few days ago he is on 1.43.2 atm but i have around 450 feeders so i can take him up quickly

Richard is pretty good blue tank, I still wouldn’t touch Thorne and Miki is amazing in many aspects of the game, he may not shine on defense or raids, but he’s amazing on titans, in events, map levels and also very fast tournaments.

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