Thorne: costume or not

I have a really rough time embleming Thorne after I maxed him out. His costume and normal paths are totally different.
If I want to max his costume for attack he gets (stats for 19 emblems)
A:822 D:858 H:1538
And his normal version gets
719 904 1652

Then if I want to emblem his normal version for “the best” path he gets
764 904 1588
But then his costume gets
777 858 1646

As you can see if I focus on one version the other one gets sagnificantly weaker (at least in my opinion) and I still havent figured out which version I want to use. I feel like his costume gets better stats and I can use him at wing on def team but then his hit 3 version can be good at flank. What is more I cant grasp how his costume would behave on defense, will he fire sagnificantly faster after his first charge (with his 24% mana buff) or its just a gimmick which wont really help. Which version of him is better on attack too? Any feedback really appreciated

I really wish we could emblem our costumes separately from the normal version


Go for vanilla version unless you dont have any other blue snipers

I have costumed Thorne and never use him without it. Once it is leveled you won’t either. He can hit for 800-950 without emblems. I’m now starting to put nodes on him. He’s a killer.

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I have Arthur, Vela, Krampus and Fenrir maxed from blues, then Magni, Glenda and C Richard on bench

Yes he hits like a truck, I love that, and sometimes I feel his normal version hits a lot less, more than 60% on his special says, I know its due to his low attack on normal version too. But sometimes I hit someone with Arthur and could finnish him with just adjacent hit from normal Thorne, with costume I would have to use his full strength

Thorne’s stats are higher than Arthur. I have Arthur and only use him on Titans for Element Down. He doesn’t fit on my war mono team (my style of play).

Since you are just asking nodes, for me it would be C-Thorne.

In the end you have to think about what is best for your current situation and your method of play and how it goes with current meta.

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Hi @Xevo :slightly_smiling_face:

Firstly, congrats on pulling Thorne’s costume! :trophy:

Any costume bonus, in itself, is a “plus” for any hero because it adds 5% attack, 5% defense, 10% health, and 5% mana which is an advantage imho.

I took the liberty of adding a side-by-side hero card comparison for reference:

What is needed:
So, in order for you to take full advantage of Thorne’s costume as a sorcerer class fast sniper, you’ll need to give him paladin emblems to (at least) 7+ nodes (level 7) which will activate 3 of the 5 talents (on both sides: paladin and sorcerer), level up his costume for those bonuses, and the special skill of +24% mana generation along with a level 23 mana troop makes him a deadly fast sniper for 3 turns (his costume atk stat is 540% dmg : 726 atk)…

Effectiveness on defense:
Since you don’t have any control of your defense once it’s set (especially in wars) there’s still no guarantee that he will fire off before getting killed, because the opposing player has the ability to plan a good attack team against your defense team and there’s always the board RNG.

Effectiveness on offense:
If you need another fast sniper just like @Cerevan_the_Omni said, then he’s very potent on offense (assuming you did what was needed to take full advantage of his costume skills) and you have a better chance of manipulating the board (with proper tile movements) for his special skills to fire off…imho.

I hope this also helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Best of Luck


Makes me wonder why such a random class like sorcerer for C Thorne? And as I suspected reading this thread, paladin and sorcerer don’t have the right synergy when it comes to emblems.

Their emblem paths dont work with each other at all. Its really difficult to use both versions that way

My choose will be ordinary Thorne, when I will level my C.Thorne, because I have C.Magni (and for synergy normal Thorne is better).

But if you do not have such fast defence debuffer and use C.Kiril or Grimm, then for me C.Thorne is better.


It’s a strange way to ‘balance’ a hero

Imo most of costumes are better for defense except Vivica, Marjana and Leo :slightly_smiling_face: My Tiburtus’s costume went nice, I went with original sword and hp and costume went shield and hp.

Try what happens for your Thorne if you go with original sword and hp

Both of Thorne’s versions should go attack and shield path, but sadly its impossible to do

They’re usually very good at assigning costumes with the right talents. Don’t know why they screwed up C thorne. Both talent classes for C Joon and C azlar’s compliments really well

Hp is good for offense, more healing coming and avarage needs a mana troop for offense and they give also healing bonus

cThorne is a sorcerer is because of his synergy with his skill. Notice that his skills slow mana generation and it goes well with his class.

His skill boost his own mana gen, where do you synergy here?

Ah misread. Well it goes well in a certain sense.

Slow your opponent and increase your own. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think I solved the path, for original costume you put sword, hp, healing bonus and mana bonus, it will fit well with the otherside.

I’m gonna start resetting my C Horghall and use this tactic, both side went well

My first meeting with C costume as a tank

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